Recap: BET’s Sunday Best season 3, episode 8

Sunday-BestThere are only 7 contestants left in BET’s Sunday Best. The theme for this episode was “One”. The purpose was for the contestants to focus on their vocal skills and ability. There wasn’t a lot of music production backing the contestants up.

Here are my observations of episode 8.

Chrisette Michelle opened the show singing Donnie McClurkin’s Stand. She gave an absolutely wonderful performance. The judges gave her a standing ovation.

After her performance aired, she posted a note on Twitter talking about how¬†Stand was personal to her. It was sung at her grandfather’s funeral.

Dathan Thigpen
He sang Friend of God. Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams loved him. I side more with Tina Campbell on this one. I didn’t think that he did a great job connecting with the audience. There was definitely something lacking.

Tiffany Carlin-Laird
Her performance of Going Up Yonder was light and smooth. The judges thought she gave a perfect execution.

Durward Davis
“He sounds like old school Fred Hammond.” That is what my wife said during his performance of Kirk Franklin’s Lean on Me. Donnie McClurkin talked about how he painted a picture with the song. Tina Campbell called it perfection. I would have to agree with them 100%.

Martha Buries
Her performance of Holy, Holy, Holy displayed her strong vocal ability. Her interpretation of the song was definitely interesting. The judges absolutely loved her.

Brian Smith
I think he’s firmly established that wearing a bow tie is going to be his thing. Yolanda Adams and Tina Campbell loved his performance of Lord I Lift Your Name on High. Donnie McClurkin seemed to have a different take. He didn’t feel like Brian connected with him or the audience. He also thought that Brian could have given more. Overall, I thought his performance was average.

LeAndria Johnson
Yolanda Adams called her one of the most phenomenal female voices of all time. I was absolutely speechless after her performance of Endow Me. She is just an amazing singer!

Elder Goldwire McLendon
I thought this would be the episode where we see a chink in the Elder’s armour. I definitely had my doubts when he started singing How Great Thou Art. Foolish me. He pulled off the end in spectacular fashion! The judges absolutely loved him. People in the audience were crying at the end of his performance.

In the end, two contestants were eliminated, Dathan Thigpen and Brian Smith. I do not have any problems with this decision.

In all seriousness I think LeAndria Johnson and Elder Goldwire McLendon are going to be extremely tough to beat. The judges and most of America have a great deal of affection towards both of them. Next week is going to be extremely tough. I can’t wait.

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  • Tashia

    I hear ya!! Great review! I agree with you 100% I was for sure a guy was gonna win this season, i was pulling for Dathan, Orlando, Franklin and Brian, but LeAndria showed up out of no where! She will win, im afraid america is caught up in the “hype” that Elder Goldwire is 79 yrs old. I mean homie is Major, but he forgets the words a lot and his stage presence lacks in comparison to LeAndria..but we shall see! God Bless!

  • Cliff

    LeAndria is extremely talented. I can’t blame them if Elder McLendon wins. I’m sure both of them will end up having good careers as artists. Worst case scenario…we’ll see at least one album from each of them.

  • Yvi

    No “hype”. Elder Goldwire can SING! The only time he forgot the words is the first episode when he sung “The Battle is Not Yours”.

  • Kimberly

    I like Durward, he is a sleeper but I agree LeAndria and the Elder are awesome!!

  • BJ

    LeAndria Johnson is a BEAST. The girl is very talented. She reminds me so much of Dorinda Clark-Cole and that RASPY VOICE… I JUST LOVE HER, SHE JUST DIDN’T SING ENDOW ME LONG ENOUGH. SHE HAVE TO MAKE IT… ELDER IS GOOD AS WELL BUT HE WILL HAVE TO BE RUNNER UP.

  • Josie

    What a awesome God we all serve, Mr.durward, LeAndria also elder is marvlous i really enjoy watching Sunday Best this one of the awesome shows this year. I love you Kirk franklin and family. keeping the show in our prayers.

  • Cynthia

    As a women of 43, it is such a great feeling to do what you want to do and not what society “thinks” you should do. Janet is beautiful. Keep doing you.

  • Ritabrown

    leandra is awesome.she will make you fall to your knees an bow before the lord.she has a testimony only she and GOD knows about.she has been a blessing to me.when she did her first audition i said she is SUNDAY BEST.God has annoited her voice for us to hear and received this.I can not wait for Sunday. Rita-Jackson Ms.

  • Rahnishaj

    go elder

  • Dave Moore

    Somebody out there really needs to record Tiffany Carlin Lairds version of Going up a yonder. I have heard a million different versions of this song. It was by far the best ive heard

  • Dave Moore

    Somebody out there really needs to record Tiffany Carlin Lairds version of Going up a yonder. I have heard a million different versions of this song. It was by far the best ive heard

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