Recap: Gospel Dream 2009 Episode 2

Now that the 10 finalists have been chosen, their next step was to go the a boot camp. This boot camp consisted of vocal coaching, wardrobe, photos, and media training. There was not any competitive singing and nobody got voted off. Here are my observations from episode 2.

They Are Not Looking for the Best Singer
Episode 2 made it very clear to me that Gospel Dream is not about finding the best singer possible. It is about finding the person who will have the most overall appeal in the marketplace. So now we know that it is just not about the music.

I am happy that they got this out in the open. They have established that image and overall appeal will be big factors in deciding the winner. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be surprised when the best singer does not win the competition.

There are a large number of gospel music fans that don’t care about the “image” of gospel artists. They care about an artist’s talent and spirituality. If that is what you care about the most, then watching Gospel Dream will probably frustrate you.

What Should Boot Camp for a Christian Artist Look Like?
I don’t have a big issues with the whole boot camp thing. I understand how image and the ability to deal with the media are important ingredients to the success of all artists. For Christian artists, spirituality is also an important ingredient. In fact, it is the most important ingredient.

I wonder if they thought about making spirituality part of their boot camp? I don’t know how this would be judged. I just hope this isn’t something they are ignoring when working with the finalists. It is difficult to be a Christian artist and not have a strong relationship with God. If an artist’s relationship is lacking, he/she will eventually be exposed.

The Judges
At the conclusion of the boot camp, the judges placed the contestants on the hot seat. The judges seemed very passionate about the importance of developing an image. J.Moss was very critical of Tim Stylez. I’m assuming that J.Moss along with all the other judges were trying to push the contestants in order to make them as successful as possible. I must admit that some of the critiquing left me scratching my head.

Whomever edited the video did not do Michelle Williams any favors. I’d like to think that she had some very insightful things to say. Unfortunately, through the magic of editing, she came off as being only concerned about fashion. It seemed like all she had to say was a couple of one liners and that was it.

Moving Forward
Next week’s show will get back to what most of us are accustomed to seeing in a singing competition, that being, singing. The female contestants will take the stage as the competition begins to heat up.

Please share your thoughts about episode 2 of Gospel Dream.

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  • Sadie

    Watching the show is like watching paint dry – it’s a very boring show.

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