Recap: Gospel Dream 2009 Episode 3

Last night I watched episode 3 of Gospel Dream 2009 and it was time for the female contestants to show what they can do. The producers brought in Natalie Grant to serve as vocal coach. Overall, I think Natalie’s influence helped out, because the vocal quality of the contestants definitely improved.

I have to be honest. I am still trying to figure this show out. I am not sure what the identity of this show is. I understand that they don’t want to copy American Idol (in some ways). They are not looking for the best overall singer. They’re looking for the most marketable person they can find. Mitchell Solarek told Rachelle Garrett that “I don’t know where to place you commercially.” I knew right then and there that Rachelle wouldn’t last long in the competition and she didn’t.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I highly doubt that most christian music fans are concerned about the commercial appeal of an artist. Most people aren’t concernd about an artist’s image or how the artist looks. In my opinion, this is what most fans of gospel/christian music are concerned about:

1. Is the music good?

2. Is the artist anointed?

3. Are they living a life that is pleasing to God?

Hair, make-up, clothes and shoes are irrelevant in most cases. I completely understand that more artists and record companies are trying to appeal to a broader audience. I’m not saying that they should not do things to reach a different crowd. What I am saying is that these things should not replaceĀ  the core elements of what quality Christian music is about.

None of the female contestants blew me away with their vocal quality last night. The performances were good. I wouldn’t call any of them outstanding. Jasmine Jackson seemed to show great improvement over the previous week. If you saw episode 2, you may recall that she was the one J.Moss said “Everything about you is C+”. I’m not sure that is the best comment one Christian can make to another, but to her credit Jasmine bounced back with a solid performance.

After all of the performances were done, the judges chose to keep Jasmine Jackson and Amber Davies. That left the fate of Erin Lyder, Rachelle Garrett and Ashli Marie Pritchett in the hands of the male contestants. They voted to keep Erin Lyder, thus sending Rachelle Garrett and Ashli Marie Pritchett home.

Next week it is the men’s turn. I hope we see stronger vocal performances from them.

Did you see the episode? Let me know what you think.

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