Recap: Sunday Best Season 3, Episode 5

Sunday-BestAfter weeks of auditions, BET’s Sunday Best is now down to the final 20 contestants. This new season brings a couple of changes. The remainder of the competition will be held in New Orleans. Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin will be joining Tina Campbell at the judge’s table. It is quickly becoming clear to me that this season will be different than the rest.

The show opened with a performance of “A Song 4 Haiti” written by Kirk Franklin. It would have been pretty spectacular if all of the singers from the recording were on the stage to deliver the performance. I know…that’s a fairly unrealistic request. Instead of the original vocalists, Donnie McClurkin, Isaac Caree, Kim Burrell, Yolanda Adams and Tina Campbell sang the lead vocals. The final 20 contestants ended up singing the background vocals.

A smooth transition took us from “A Song 4 Haiti” into Donnie McClurkin’s “Ooh Child”. Donnie sang the vocals that we have all come to know and love. Then, Kirk Franklin came in with talking/rapping that he’s known for. Overall, the show opening was extremely well done.

Only 10 of the final 20 contestants performed. Here are my observations of each contestant:

Jonte Thomas
She performed a very interesting arrangement of  “Just a Prayer Away”. It had a big band type of feel that the judges seemed to like. I thought the performance was good, but I don’t think I liked it as much as the judges did.

LeAndria Johnson
You may remember her if you watched the New Orleans auditions. She was the one who came to the audition with flip-flops and socks because she didn’t have any other clothes.

She sang “In the Midst of It All” and the judges loved her performance. Donnie McClurkin said she was anointed. In my opinion, it was arguably the best performance of the night.

Robert Hatcher
There is no doubt that he has a very good voice. I have to agree with the judges when it comes to his performance. They said it was very safe and cautious. Although I wanted more, I think Rob gave enough to get to the next round.

Tawanna Tarvin
She has a very unique tone. Tawanna sang”I Will Trust You Lord” by Donnie McClurkin. The judges and a number of people I follow on Twitter seemed to like it. I can’t say that I agree with them on this one. I just wasn’t a fan of her vibrato. Maybe her next performance will change my mind.

Davon Fleming
At 18 years old, Davon is the youngest contestant. He sang “We Fall Down”. The judges wanted to see him make more of a connection with the song from the beginning. Overall, I thought he gave a solid performance.

Franklin Davis
It is pretty clear to me that his style will be different than the rest of the contestants. Franklin’s performance of “I Believe I Can Fly” was very smooth. The judges liked his confidence, but they wanted him to give more.

Funmi Oduyemi
She was the only contestant that survived the Nigeria auditions. She delivered a very safe performance of “Open Up My Heart” by Yolanda Adams. Funmi came across as scared and possibly nervous. Donnie McClurkin told her “You look nice, but your voice doesn’t match how you look.” In my opinion, she delivered the worst performance of the night. I don’t expect her to remain on the show much longer.

Durward Davis
He delivered a very good sound. The judges really liked his rendition of “Hail Jesus You’re My King”. I’m pretty sure that he will be one of the top contenders in this competition.

Elder Goldwire McLendon
My words really can’t accurately explain what happened when the oldest contestant in the competition took the stage. After he sang “The Battle Is Not Yours”, the spirit of God came in the room. The judges gave him a standing ovation. Elder McLendon definitely had a special impact on everyone in the room.

There you have it, the first 10 out of 20 contestants. Did you see this episode? Please share your opinions.

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  • Kimberly

    Elder Goldwire McLendon is truly annointed!! The Spirit definitly was moving!!! I also like Durward Davis.

  • seritha ford

    would they please stop cutting the show off when the spirit starts moving! We at home who can’t be there would like to see all of the shouting,dancing,Donnie talking in Tongues and if Erica my girl was there, her dancing. We live and watch for the move of the holy spirit. BET please show us that too, could you not always go to commerical just when it gets good. I think Donnie is a good fill in for BeBe &YoYo for Erica, but, I still miss my Girl Erica She is a beautiful young lady, full of the anointing and fun and crazy and all that, Yo want to hollar at my Boy Kirk, I have never seen him cry until last night, How are Yall going to make it through the rest of the shows? Love you all.

  • Lena Neely

    I loved Leandra and the Elder McLendon. I was up out of my bed shouting along with the crowd when both of them were singing. I was like Tina when she said she could feel the God in her in Leandra. She tore it up. Then here comes Elder McLendon with the Battle is not Yours and it was over and done. I was crying, texting and FaceBooking all at the same time to get people to watch. Even though I recorded the show, I watched it the second time just to see those two individuals again. I don’t know what next week’s show holds, but as far as I’m concerned, these two individuals have already won.

  • katrina w.

    When i watched the show i had so much goin on in my life but jus the spirit oF god took over and i felt like i was at church all ova again. It made me forget about my problems but praise and give him the glory anyway. THANK YOU SUNDAY BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Travis Ware

    I love this season of Sunday Best!!!!!!!!! My LORD. JESSSEEESSSUUSS!!!! Elder McLendon you have my vote already. You are truly annointed with singing. The holy ghost is in you and the world can see it. Leandra I love the way you sing. I didn’t feel that you was a contestant but I felt as thought you were a guest artist who has already a contract with a label record. You are truly annointed. To Mr. Bow Tie you are going to the top you are awesome. I will be happy with who ever wins because all of you are annoited. Check me out on the new hit t.v show R.E.P Your City Music Television Show. Check us also out on God Bless!!

  • Carla

    I agree I want to see the spirit move, don’t cut to commercial. Someone might come to the Lord because of what they see. It has been amazing how the Lord has moved through the Sunday Best this season. LeAndria may have lost her home but she gained a gospel singing career.
    She’s gonna get a better house. God is good and she’s a wonderful example for people. Be blessed.

  • Paulabaker51

    ms johnson i wish you good luck

  • Morgan247365

    Hello, Ms. Johnson,
    You are a God sent and I know God will bless you. Be strong and never forget where God has brought you from. You are a winner ! Rev. Randy

  • Patricia Carmack

    You know I have been looking at Sunday's Best since it started. Now it has reached another level that only God can explain. Your judges, your singers were fantastic. Now two anointed singers one Elder Goldwire Mclendon God bless him his 79 is the new 60 nobody but God, & Leandria Johnson my God I have not heard a voice like her's ever on Sunday's Best she is WoW!! Thank you Kirk for bring something needed for all of us. Let God continue to use you. God Bless

  • Imastar2011

    ok ima be heecka mad if leandria does not winn i voted for her 21 times she better win

  • Imastar2011

    ok ima be heecka mad if leandria does not winn i voted for her 21 times she better win

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