Reflecting on the 23rd Annual Stellar Awards

My affection for awards shows has decreased over the years, but I still love to watch the Stellar Awards. It is great to be able to see gospel artists receive their awards on TV and not just have their names mentioned.  Here are my reflections from this year’s show.

Gospel Cleavage
About a year ago, a lot of people gave Yolanda Adams a hard time, because she was showing cleavage in her This Too Shall Pass video. Well, after watching the Stellars, it looks like Yolanda has some company in the cleavage club. A number of the female artists were showing cleavage, both young and old.

For the record, here is where I stand on the whole cleavage issue. I don’t care. If a woman wants to show cleavage, that is between her and God. Am I worried about falling into lust, because of seeing a woman’s cleavage? No. It is not because I claim to be holy and above temptation. The human mind is warped enough, thoughts of lust can occur with or without the sight of cleavage. Men can not blame their lust issues on women’s cleavage.  If you don’t want women in your church showing cleavage, that’s your business. What are you going to do in an overweight person says that they don’t want the church to serve dinners, because they are dealing with issues of gluttony?

Great Performances
The show featured some great performances, Bishop Noel Jones, Kirk Franklin, and the Clark Sisters, just to name a few. However, Ricky Dillard and New G had to be the performance of the night. It is one thing to get a 15 person choir moving synchronously, but when 50 people move synchronously that takes choir ministry to a whole different level. It was one of the greatest thing I have ever seen.

Two things stood out, from an awards perspective. First, DeWayne Woods did better than I thought he would. I’m surprised he was male vocalist of the year. Second, I’m definitely surprised  that the Clark Sisters were names artist of the year. Whenever there is not one clearly dominant artist/album in a given year, artist of the year often goes to the "legend" in the nominee group. I don’t have a problem with that.

Overall, it was a great year in gospel music. My congratulations to all of the nominees and winners. I am looking forward to greater things in the year to come.




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  • blessedone

    terrible analogy Church dinner is to be served on a platter cleavage isn’t. bad selection of clothing Yolanda. may I add a comment in the words of my husband when he watch that his exact words were is she selling sex or God. inappropriate

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