Review: 3 Reasons why you should get “Something Big” by Mary Mary

You just gotta love it when quality artists don't disappoint you. When you listen to Mary Mary's newest album "Something Big" you definitely won't be disappointed. In fact, you will likely be amazed. I know I was.

I'm going to do this review a little different than previous ones. I'd like to provide you with three reasons why you should definitely purchase "Something Big".

1. Erica and Tina Campbell
In case you didn't know those are Mary Mary's government names.

The vocals on this album are amazing. They are so smooth and tight. When people mention great vocals in Gospel music, names like Yolanda Adams and Kim Burrell are usually mentioned. In my opinion, Erica and Tina Campbell's names need to be a regular part of the conversation. 

It is time that we all realize that these ladies are Gospel legends. If you don't believe that, then you must believe that they are really, really close to legend status. 

2. The Production
Warryn Campbell absolutely did his thing on this album. The beats and instrumentation are first class!

It must be nice when your spouse (husband) is one of the best music producers on the planet. When most people wake up in the morning they may get a nice hug and kiss from their spouse. I imagine that when Erica Campbell wakes up, she gets a hug, a kiss, and a hit song. That has to be pretty cool. (I know that's probably not how it really goes.)

3. The Message
The vocals and beats are amazing, but let's get one thing clear. This music is about Jesus! The message is clear. I don't have to listen to the songs over and over again to try to figure out who they are talking about. 

When you combine the vocals, the beats, and the message the end result is some real special music. This is the type of music that will reach people that some other songs can't and won't. There are people that can't relate to "Amazing Grace" or "The Old Rugged Cross" but they can relate to the music on "Something Big". (Don't get me wrong, those are wonderful songs, they are just not for everybody.)

If you haven't figured it out, I highly recommend this album. In case you were wondering, my favorite songs are "Something Bigger" and "Sitting With Me". These songs are a great source of encouragement for any believer or non-believer. 

Go grab you copy of "Something Big" on iTunes or

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