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CarlosWhittakerEPIt is always interesting when a world renowned blogger steps away from the computer for a second to branch off into another area. Many people know Carlos Whittaker as a blogger at Others know him as an accomplished worship leader. After being signed to Integrity Music, Whittaker recently released a 3 song digital EP. After listening to all 3 songs, here are my thoughts.

If you ever look at Carlos, you would not expect him to sound the way he does. Don’t get me wrong, I like his voice, I just didn’t expect it to sound like that.

Like I said before, Carlos Whittaker is an accomplished worship leader and he does not stray away from that in this EP. So, let me be honest right now. If you are not into praise and worship music, then this EP is not for you. You can stop reading this review right now. If you enjoy praise and worship music, then read on.

It is clear that Carlos has worship leaders in mind when he crafted these songs. Rain It Down is a lively song that is catchy and should end up being popular in many churches. This song talks about our desire to receive from the Lord.

I love the message behind Jesus Saves. It is a good reminder of the work and sacrifice that Jesus did for all of us.

We Will Worship You rounds out the EP. This song is a plea to God asking him to help us remain focused on Him. There are so many things in our lives that can distract us. It is important that we find our joy and satisfaction in God alone.

A Little Something Different
With this EP, Carlos Whittaker is doing something a little different than what most artists do. I have never heard of an artist holding a bible study based around their music, but that is what Carlos is doing. He already hosted one last night (1/26). He will be hosting 2 more: tonight (1/27) and Thursday night (1/28) @ 8:30pm CST/9:30pm EST. Go to

Second, he made the lyrics and chords freely available for download. (I told you he had worship leaders in mind). You can get the lyrics and chords by going here:

The Bottom Line
I really like this EP. I especially love what Carlos Whittaker is doing with the bible studies and lyrics. If you enjoy music from artists like Chris Tomlin and Freddy Rodriguez, then you will definitely want to grab these three songs. If you haven’t been exposed to praise and worship music that much, find some samples of these songs online and give them a try.

Use either of the sites below to download these songs now.


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    Thanks for the review!!!

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    It was my pleasure! Thanks for the great songs!

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