Review: “Everything is Different Now” by Stellar Kart

stellarkartI’m sure that many years ago people thought the Christian rock was a fad that was going to pass. I just listened to Stellar Kart’s new album Everything is Different Now. This album is proof that Christian rock is anything but a fad.

We often look to music to serve as the sound track for whatever emotions or feelings we are experiencing at a particular times. When you are in the mood to take a bold stand for Jesus and boldly confess the name of the Lord, then I strongly suggest that you consider Everything is Different Now. On this album you will find a number of energetic songs that exalt God.

I was absolutely blown away by “All My Heart”, which is the first song on the album. This song is a good blend of rock and praise and worship. This song really speaks to our commitment to Jesus.

I also found “Something Holy”, “Rescue and Never Let Go” to be very quality songs. People often view rock as bunch of indecipherable noise. This album will quickly dispel any of those myths.

If you like Christian rock, you will absolutely love Everything is Different Now by Stellar Kart. If you are a worship leader that is not too familiar with Christian rock, I suggest that you check this album out. You will find a couple of songs that you can incorporate in your worship sets. I can envision a crowd of young believers going before the Lord in praise singing “All My Heart”.

Go to or iTunes to get you copy of Everything is Different Now.

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