Review: “Fresh” by Tye Tribbett

Change is something that is guaranteed to occur in each of our lives at one point or another. In many ways, we are defined by how we handle life’s changes.

It seems that change is something that has been a large part of Tye Tribbett’s life over the past year. From a musical perspective, he disbanded Greater Anointing (G.A.). The choir has been part of his music ministry since 1996.

From a personal perspective, he has had to deal with the issue of infidelity in his marriage. I’m sure this required him to endure many dark and challenging moments. Thankfully, the Lord has restored his marriage.

Through this series of change, Tye Tribbett has emerged with a new album entitled Fresh. This album is his first-ever solo project.

Fresh features 16 tracks that are simply heart changing. Even though Tye gives us a new sound, it is clear that his music is still all about God.

I’ve witnessed Gospel artists dropping their choirs and “going solo” in the past. When this happens, there isn’t much change in the music. Instead of being the choir with their name on the CD cover, those same people end up becoming background vocalists. That isn’t necessarily the case with this album. There are number of songs where Tye sings the background vocals himself. You won’t find ex-G.A. members singing the background vocals on every song of this album.

Fresh features some outstanding guest vocal performances from artists like Israel Houghton, Isaac Caree, Mali Music, Lowell Pye, Tim Rodgers and Shaylah Stevens. I think Tye did a good job of taking advantage of the unique talent that each artist brings to the table.

The first single from this album is a song entitled Fresh. This song is definitely different than most Gospel songs you’re accustomed to hearing.

A good portion of the song is recorded in auto-tune. I must admit that I’m not a big fan of auto-tune, so I wasn’t crazy about Fresh, the first time I heard it. Then, I began focusing on the message instead of the delivery of the message. Fresh is a good reminder that God has some new and great things in store for all of us. Fresh is now one of those songs that I can’t get out of my head. I posted Fresh on this site a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t heard it already, you should definitely go check it out. 

Tye teamed up with Tim Rodgers on the soulful track Keep Me. As we go through life we need the Lord to wrap his arms of protection around us. This is one song that people are really enjoying. I also posted Keep Me a couple of weeks ago. Go listen to it and experience this song for yourself.

Good, All for You, and Free to Worship are three songs that are definitely different than what most people would consider Gospel music. These songs feature progressive beats synthesized instrumentation. I found them extremely enjoyable.

My favorite song on the entire album has to be Take Over. Once you listen to this worship song, you will quickly find yourself lifting your hands in the air. It won’t take long for you to enter the presence of God. I cannot wait to hear this song live. Take Over is one of those songs that nicely set the table for your worship experience.

In my opinion Fresh is one album that is simply outstanding! I love the way it blends so many different styles of music. Unfortunately, I fear that there may be a number of Gospel music fans that won’t appreciate Fresh, because it is not what they are accustomed to hearing. That is too bad, because they will be missing out on music that will really bless their soul.

On October 19th, Fresh will be available on and iTunes. I definitely suggest that you go grab a copy for yourself.

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  • bootwinwin

    All we want is you Take Over, Take Over! Till we are consumed with nothing, nothing else but you! MY HANDS ARE UP AND I AM PASSED OUT UNDER MY DESK…LOL

  • Youandme

    This CD is garbage….

  • Cliff

    I know how you feel. That song takes me in every time.

  • Cliff

    What make you say that? What don't you like about it?

  • meesh

    im so excited about this cd, as-to me-it is a clear example of how God can restore! i have followed the ministry of Tye since 2007. i can say that my walk with Christ was catapulted to the next level after i attend the first winter retreat he held in Virginia. i am one that is a lil traditional when it comes to gospel music, however, this cd is still ministering in the same manner as some of the other cd that have the “sound.” yes, restoration is possible when we seek His face! gooooooo Tye!!!!!

  • Youandme

    I think I just expected something…”fresh”. After a second listen & seeing him in concert, I have to retract my harsh criticism, but it's still not my favorite Tye CD.

  • psufanfall99

    I like it when we sing it in church better without all of the extra production. I am not a fan of auto-tune.

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