Review: “Immortal Combat” by Hostyle Gospel

Hostyle Gospel is a three-man hip hop group from central Illinois. King Soloman (DJ Morton), Proverb (Raynard Glass) and Big Job (Fontaine Pizza) combine street beats and scripture to point souls towards Jesus Christ. They have released two albums and three mix tapes in an effort to share the Gospel with people of all ages

Their latest release, “Immortal Combat” contains many of the elements that hip-hop enthusiasts look for. The music production is high quality. I loved the beats and rhythms that were used throughout the entire album. The music in this album was as good as the music from any other album that I have ever heard.

Whenever you have more than one MC on a song, the results can be a little shaky. I have heard tracks where it sounded like the MCs were in some type of competition. That definitely was not the case with Hostyle Gospel. King Soloman, Proverb and Big Job complemented each other extremely well. I like the way their individual styles blended together.

I found the lyrics to be powerful and encouraging. Once you listen to the words on this album you will immediately feel empowered to resist any attack that the enemy may throw your way. You will feel challenged to live your life for Christ and reject anything that is not pleasing to God.

There are a couple of songs on “Immortal Combat” that I really like. “Thanks 4 Coming Out” is a rally cry for people that are excited about living for the Lord. This is a great party/concert song. I can see hundreds of believers gathering together to proclaim their love for the Lord while singing this song.

Other songs that really stuck out to me are “Calling Out to You” and “DHB”, Hostyle Gospel makes it absolutely clear that they are 100% committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the fact that their songs were not ambiguous. It was easy to tell which God they serve.

There were a couple of things that I personally would have liked to see them do differently. In my opinion a ¬†great hip-hop song has a strong hook. I know some hip-hop artists are concerned about the lyrics and not so concerned about the hooks. For instance, I think the song “Pass the Mic” was really good. The lyrics were extremely tight. However, in my mind, this song was screaming for a strong catchy hook. In my opinion, the hook is what gets the casual hip-hop fan to really become attracted to a song.

I would have also liked to see better vocal quality from the songs that did contain hooks. The vocals on “Calling Out to You” were good. I can’t necessarily say the same for some of the other songs.

Overall, I found Hostyle Gospel’s “Immortal Combat” to be a very good album. The music and lyrics come together to make a strong message about Jesus Christ. Whether you are a hardcore or casual hip-hop fan, I am confident that you will enjoy listening to this album.

Click here to check out “Immortal Combat” for yourself.

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