Review: “In Spite of Me” by Michelle Bonilla

MichelleBonillaI have listend to many albums where I have heard that artist say  “this is for the young people.” After listening to the song, I sometimes come to the conclusion that the artist’s definition of “young people” is different than mine.

In some ways I get what they are trying to say. They are trying to present music that has a nice beat, is comparable to any popular or secular music, but presents the message of Jesus.

I just listened to Michelle Bonilla’s new album, In Spite of Me. This is the type of music that I think young believers will love. This is the type of music that any believe can love no matter what their age is. The style of this album is extremely current and contemporary. This kind of music has the ability to take the message of Jesus to a completely different audience.

The rhythms and the vocals are outstanding.  This album is great for praise parties or cruising around town with your car windows rolled down on a warm day. I love the energy of this album!

In Spite of Me features some fantastic songs. This is Your Show and You are two of my favorites. These songs are good reminders that it is about God and not about us. Michelle Bonilla even gives us a taste of her hispanic roots with the song Eres El Ray.

It has been about 5 years since Michelle Bonilla’s last album Phenomenal. I’m not sure what she’s been doing for the last 5 years. However, if it took her that long to put together In Spite of Me, then I’m convinced she made good use of her time away. I just hope we don’t have to wait 5 more years to hear another album.

I’m slightly worried that this album won’t get the credit it deserves. You won’t hear these songs sung by church choirs, worship teams and soloists. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many Christians are ready to fully embrace Christian pop. I hope I am wrong about this.

There have been many quality albums that have been released in 2010. In my opinion In Spite of Me has to go to the top of the list. I encourage you to check this album out on or iTunes. I’m sure you will love it like I do!

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