Review: Israel Houghton-“The Power of One”

power-of-oneI’m always a little skeptical when artists who were once with groups or choirs decide to do solo projects. You come to love an artist in one light and a solo project can completely change your perception of them.

It took awhile for John P. Kee’s Colorblind to grow on me and I like Deitrick Haddon much better with V.O.U. I’m not saying he is a horrible solo artist, I just have a personal preference.

I remember the last time Israel Houghton did a studio album entitled Real. It left me a little disappointed. I was hoping The Power of One would not follow the path of Real.

The Power of One is a project that is fueled with tons of energy and passion. The instrumentation and production is outstanding. Although New Breed is missing, Israel gets a couple of heavy hitters like Mary Mary and Toby Mac to help him out.

If you are anything like me, you have certain expectations when listening to an Israel CD. First, I look for lively and upbeat praise songs. He delivers that in spectacular fashion with “Everywhere That I Go”, “Just Wanna Say” and “You Found Me”. The second thing I expect is a couple of worship songs that help you tap into the heart of God. I found those in “Moving Forward” and “I Receive”.

Israel has set the bar extremely high as far as both gospel and contemporary Christian CDs are concerned.  I would not be surprised if he takes home multiple awards a year from now. This is one CD that is definitely worth adding to your collection.

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  • Jay

    I have such a hard time with the fact that Israel Houghton supports Barack Obama. I cannot empathize, but I can sympothize with the fact that an African American would want a black president. What I do not get is how a persons Christian beliefs do not come first when making political choices. With the policies Obama supports such as partial birth abortion and lifting the ban by President Bush that banned funding abortions over seas. Please can someone explain this to me because I just don’t understand. The Democrat party has done so much to harm African Americans and other minority groups that it is heartbreaking.

  • Clifton Holmes

    Jay…I don’t think we can ever really understand the decisions some people make with their votes. I believe that many people voted for Obama solely because he is an African American. There are some people who thought that casting a vote for him was a way of honoring their ancestors. Additionally, I know many Christians (both Republicans and Democrats) who prayed about who they should vote for. They firmly believe that God told them to vote for Barak Obama.

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