Should Christians be offended by this Doritos Ad?

A Doritos ad will be shown during the Super Bowl and some Christians will likely find the ad to be offensive.

The minister featured in the ad is searching for a way to maintain and increase attendance at his church. So, like any minister would, he prays for an answer. The solution he comes up with is to serve Doritos to all of the congregation.

Is this commercial making fun of communion? Is this commercial making fun of the church? Do you find this to be offensive.

Click here to view the commercial

Post a comment and let me know what you think.

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    NO…but Christians are going to make sure the campaign is effective with websites such as this one been suckered into promoting the commercial…nothing like FREE publicity…the ad agency needs to be commended…THEIR PROMOTION WORKED!!

  • Rerelove1228

    yes it did praise d lord i magnify his name exspect the great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yohan & Shery Perera

    We must remember that responding to these things in anger is a waste of time and triggers distraction. Like the disciples asked Jesus in Acts 1:6 “…Lord, is this the time when you are restoring the kingdom to Israel?” (Because they were distracted by the political situation existed that day.)

    True, there's something called apologetics but we don't have to throw our pearls before Swines…

    I agree with the comments left by JUNK9EE and Rerelove1228 too.Their ability and smart attitude that inspired them to see the positive side of a bad coin is a sure sign of wisdom and definitely praiseworthy.

    Finally thank you for bringing such interesting topics into discussion…

  • miamac

    In 2011 I pray for the religious (and I don't say that lightly) put aside their religious ideologies and yes, distractions, and focus on the charge God gave us all: to let our light shine and spread the good news, which is Jesus Christ. Religious or chuch folks need to laugh a little and get back the joy they once had that the devil stole. Don't like the commercial? Don't buy the product or pray, either way do it in silence and trust God is still judge and jury over all and is busy at work.

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