Stop Worrying About What Gospel Artists Wear


Image via The Gospel According to Torrence

I was searching through some blogs last week and I came across something interesting on The Gospel According to Torrence on There is a video of Torrence Glenn interviewing Yolanda Adams during the Celebration of Gospel.

While watching the video, I quickly noticed that Yolanda Adams was wearing a very nice and arguably slightly revealing dress. I didn’t think much of it at the time and continued to watch the video until the end. (You can watch the interview by clicking here.)

After watching the video, I read the comments that people posted. Sure enough, there were people that had issues with what she was wearing.

I just don’t get it. Why should we care? Why do we continue to bad mouth Gospel artists for their choice of attire? This is not the first time that people have criticized Yolanda for her wardrobe. I’ve also heard and read where people criticize Mary Mary for what they wear.

It is one thing to make a comment about whether or not you like someone’s outfit. That happens. However, when we try to take a person’s attire and make judgments about their character and/or spirituality, we have officially crossed the line in my book.

If you don’t like the way an artist presents himself or herself, then you have a number of options. Don’t buy their music. Don’t go to their concerts. Don’t watch them on TV. The last thing we should do is bad mouth, judge and degrade them.

For the record, I know what the bible says about modest dress. You can close your bible now.

What You Should Do
Here’s what you should do. Dress and present yourself in the way that God leads YOU. If you have children, teach them to carry themselves in a manner that you feel is pleasing to God. If you have issues with the way someone else dresses, then you should pray for them not talk bad about them.

Gospel artists get enough arrows from non-Christians. They don’t need any additional criticism from “church folk”. We have a serious cultural issue. As believers, we need to learn to keep our mouths off of God’s people. If you have an issue with someone, give it to God and go on about your business.

What are your thoughts about this? Should Gospel artists be more careful about how they dress?

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  • Noma

    I COMPLETELY agree that their wardrobe should not bring critique about their character. I found myself defending Mary Mary for this not too long ago. Christians especially are THE WORST with it. I understand that Gospel artists I guess should be held to a higher standard than secular ones, but that doesn’t make them saints.And for a female (Christian or not) if a dress(or outfit) is hot, then we are going to wear it. (In this case) Yolanda was still more covered than secular artists so I think people took it too far. It’s funny because at a recent award show people on Twitter were talking about (I think) Dorinda Clark Cole’s outfit. It wasn’t revealing, it was just that they were saying she wore it before to an event. I think people aren’t going to be happy with whatever an artist wears. People just want to complain and judge…

  • Noma

    Oh and the “church folk” want to go all in on what the bible says when it applies to someone else and conveniently forget that it also says for us not to judge others. You can’t bridge the gap and reach out and bring others to Christianity if you always have a “holier than thou” complex. It just doesn’t work.

  • Kev

    So true.

  • Tawanda Hickmond

    The things ppl say are so irrelevant to the ministry. Yolanda, Erica and Tina, Dorinda,etc. always show up and show out never less then flawless. When they show up looking busted than say something other than that we as “church folk” need to get out the seat of judgement, and focus on our own soul salvation…

  • Teedy

    Lets be honest, you are judged by your presentation. Christians are held to a higher expectation. It does not make it right; it just is. That being the case, if you have been positioned to impact the Christian walk of others or positioned to influence the unsaved to become saved, be careful. You really should look like you’re representing who you say you are. I am not hating on Yolanda because she is a beautiful sista but I question whether the dress was appropriate for that venue.

  • Lynne

    It is so obvious that in this current hour Money and Influence has become a GOD among the church and it’s so called “Saints”, “Prophets” “Disciplines” etc. Each year since BEBe and CECE decided they would sing about his “LOVE” and not the name “JESUS” it has been downhill ever since. 10 years later I am hard pressed to find a church let alone a gospel singer who is really singing about salvation and the word. It is all sugar and watered over and it shows. We as Christians are supposed to let our light shine. Some twenty years ago, people used to look up to christians and could spot them anywhere and they wanted to be like them and I am so sad to say that is not not the case anymore and it is because of this conformed worldly attitude that is being expressed here. It is unfortunate, but the bible says, that there would come a time when people would lean toward their own doctrine and be taken with those who say what they want to hear, thus having itchy ears. tim. 4:3

  • Randall

    Judge Not? Don’t Judge People? Don’t Judge Christians? In Matt.:7:1 Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees and the Sadducees because they were Hypocrites.(one who hides behind a mask)They didn’t Practice what they Preach! Matt:7:5 tells us to clean up our life,than we can see clearly how to help others to live right! John 7:24 tells us Judge not according to the appearance(surface,what you see)but judge righteous judgement. Life is all about choices and decisions,but if you wear one sexy dress okay I give that to you, but every-time you see pictures of christians wearing clothes, exposing them self like the world,something is Wrong! Appearance is everything! Dress and act like a bum,people will treat you like a bum! Dress like a stripper, and you will attract lustful men. Carry your self like a lady,you will demand respect! We have too many Carnal Christians,they look,act, talk, and walk like the world! TEEDY I agree 100%, and LYNNE you hit the nail on the head!

  • Jay

    People of God are so out of control, it’s shameful..and Pastors need to rebuke them, make them stay on the Altar and/or sit them DOWN.. until they humble themselves and are willing to submit first to God, the Word of God and Leadership…stop them from being a rebellious stiffnecked self consumed generation

  • Guest2

    Yes! Christians need help in this area, me included. It makes us lose credibility. I was witnessing to someone one time but I failed and they told me it was because my clothes were too tight. If it’s a hinderance to winning someone to Christ, is the revealing or tight clothes worth it? After all, isn’t soulwinning what our calling is all about? We also need to be more loving and prayerful for the singers as well as each other when we notice shortcomings. None of us is perfect. The Bible says to restore one another in the spirit of humility so we won’t fall into the same temptation.

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