Store clerk shares Jesus and prevents robbery

A store clerk from Florida is living proof that “Jesus Saves”.

Nayara Goncalves, 20, was being robbed by Israel Camacho, 37 with a gun in her face. She began to use the name of Jesus turned the entire situation around.

Most people would have been calling on Jesus to save them. The remarkable thing about Nayara is that she shared the love of Jesus with the robber.

Israel Camacho has been having a tough time in life. He came to rob the Metro PCS store out of sheer desperation. Nayara told him about Jesus and how he could find support in the church.

Check out the video below that shows how the entire event went down. How do you think you would respond when faced with a similar situation?

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  • Holy Events

    That is amazing. They don't always turn out that way. Never really seen a “sincere” robber but I'm glad that her testimony not only saved her life, but possibly saved the robber's life too. Great post!

  • Cliff

    Yeah, it is pretty amazing. I really hope God does something special in the robber's life.

  • Terry Stuart

    Yes it is. That clerk will be blessed by God and his store will expand. It’s something how the Word of God changes people’s lives. The store clerk gave the robber something to think about.

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