Sunday Best: Gospel music may not be ready for Jessica Reedy

jessica-reedyBET’s hit show Sunday Best is now down to the final two contestants, Jessica Reedy and Y’Anna Crawley. They each have a 50/50 shot at being crowned Sunday Best. Jessica Reedy may win, but there is a very good chance that she may not be embraced by gospel music fans.

I believe that there is a double standard when it comes to female gospel artists. For some reason the gospel music community expects female artists to be amazing singers with powerful voices. It doesn’t seem like they have that same expectation when it comes to male artists.

Quick, think of all of the most popular female gospel artists. What do they all have in common? They have outstanding voices. If you don’t believe me, let’s go through the short list: Yolanda Adams, Cece Winans, Shirley Caesar, Kierra Sheard, Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Kim Burrell. I’m sure there are a couple of others I could add.

I love Jessica Reedy as an artist, but she doesn’t have the stereotypical powerful, high range voice. As a result, many gospel music fans won’t embrace her. When her album comes out, it probably won’t have the powerful ballad that people will try to copy and sing as the sermonic selection during Sunday morning service.

In a previous post, I talked about the next female gospel headliner. Even though she is in her 20s, I don’t think Jessica will be a contender. Song writers and producers will line-up to arm her with some great material, but the public demand probably will not be there.

I hope I am wrong. I want to believe that gospel music consumers are ready to embrace a new female sound. However, I remember how we turned away Michelle Williams because she didn’t fit the mold of most female gospel artists. Do we really want to turn away another gifted female who has a heart for the Lord?

I hope we as consumers get our act together. We could be potentially stopping the progress of an entire genre. Just think, where would gospel be now without Kirk Franklin? People definitley tried to turn him away when he started. Look how he has blessed and elevated an entire industry. I pray we have learned our lesson.

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  • swEEtladyDEE

    Jessica, sweetie I have been reading alot of negative things on different blogs even on the Sunday Best message boards..The first time I heard “I’m Still Here” it was you singing and it ministered to me..The devil is busy, he attacked my health, I lost my home, my job and because of the recession I am just barely making it..You are not going to PLEASE everyone..So just PLEASE the only one that matters and that is GOD…Be encouraged!! “I’M STILL HERE” is my new testimony…GOD BLESS YOU SIS !!!! You have been consistent this entire time throughout the competition, PLEASE do not let what people are saying break your spirit…

  • bjam

    Jessica, I agree with swEEtladyDEE. Each song that you sang was a part of your testimony. I could feel you when you threw out one arm and sand “BUT I”M STILL HEAR”. I felt it when you said “I WON”T COMPLAIN”. This past Sunday just did it for me. I keep hitting my rewind button and listening. My GOD woke me up this morning and started my on my way, what do I have to complain about. Just continue to live for CHRIST and do HIS will and everything will be alright. swEEtladyDEE i will keep you lifted in prayer and ask that GOD give you the desires of your heart. I know that you are blessed and highly favored but we just have to go through our trials and tribulations and see what the end gonna be. Be BLESSED both my sistahs in CHRIST.

  • Clifton Holmes

    swEEtladyDEE & bjam…Thank you both for your comments. Jessica is extremely gifted and talented. No matter what happens, I pray that God gets the glory out of her life. I also pray that both of you continue to be encouraged.

  • DaddyzGurl78

    Jessica you sung that song but I am still here so beautiful and you seemed liked you enjoyed it. YOU ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!

    Remeber Never give up
    This is from a child

  • Angela

    I am BET-ting on you. I absolutely LOVE your voice. GOD bless you.

  • Alberta Narciso

    Jessica, I absolutely love your voice because it IS so different and unique. More importantly, I recognize the anointing in your singing. No matter what any one’s opinion maybe, you are the called according to his purpose and all of this will work out for your good. People who are not spirit-minded will miss the ministry of your singing. Stay true to who God has made you and be not conformed to this world’s image of a gospel singer. It’s the anointing that destroys the yoke, not just a sound! You are anointed for such a time as this. God bless you and stay encouraged.

  • GIna

    I thank God that Jessica is at the point in her life that she has a song in her heart unto the Lord. That very fact speaks that the desire for God’s will is still lit and burning brightly…even through people around her may have tried to blow it out. I truly believe that your gift will make room for you. Yet, it still requires you to be diligent in your faithfulness. The world was not ready for Jesus, yet we all know the story. Jessica, you be faithful, prayerful, persistent, consistent and most of all blessed! God did not bring you this far to stop now. He likes to showcase his children. Loving you in California….

  • MIKO


  • Lamar Perry

    I loved watching this season of the show. At first i thought that Jessica was completely to jazzy and sexy but I was wrong. She is an incredible singer and I enjoy watching her. However she, for the competition of Sunday’s best, shouldn’t have beat Latice.

  • felicia

    Jessica Reddy is a unique soul and has a unique voice. Every song she sung brought me to tears. You don’t have to jump up and down and scream and yell to sing gospel and touch someone heart or make them feel the word. I wish her much success. I am a fan and I can’t wait until her cd comes out.

  • paz2praz (Pays to Praise)

    Jessica, I thank God for your spirit. You are so humble and so gifted. Me, myself, I haven’t read any negativity about you, but I don’t know how anyone can think anything negative when you seem so open and so honest about what you’ve been through. As was said on the show, GOSPEL needs a voice like yours. I listen to traditional gospel and my children make me listen to gospel rap. I see a great need for what I would call Smooth Gospel. When new converts come into the “sainthood”, they are coming from various backgrounds. You cannot just sit them down and say you must listen to “traditional” gospel. As long as you are lifting up the name of Jesus, they can and will get the message. I have been TRULY blessed by your voice and I know that the Lord has so much in store for you. Stay sweet and humble. I am SO looking forward for your first CD. Be Blessed!

  • brooke

    Jessica ready or whatever her name is ( I dont need to know it because she will NEVER be around again) is horrible and I dont understand how she even got picked to even be on the show! Dnt get me wrong she can hold a note and can even do a run or two! And if I were going to a local show in New Orleans for jazz, I wouldnt mind hearing her for ONE song, but other than that NO THANKS! This was a gospel competition! ill say it again, GOSPEL. and TRUE gospel music has soul power, santification, the umph factor, a powerful voice, all these things jessica lacked!!!! And for all of you who thinks she is so great, prolly wont even buy the album, because trust me on this it is going to be a flop!!! And I dont want to be a hater but she looks 30! NO THANKS! but jessica I do wish you and your child well! I really do and hope you do get closer to God and be abundantly blessed! I truly mean no harm in saying any of this its just my opinion. Be blessed.

  • Melvin Coleman

    I am a true Jessica Reddy fan. I shared mix emotions with most of my firends regarding her possibly winning the show. I didn’t want her to win. I personal want a major label pick her up and produces her on the side of comtempary gospel music. I see Jessica having a powerful career like Mary Mary,Yolanda Adams as well as Kirk Franklin. I pray her career takes off and she has a long lasting future in gospel music.

  • Diana

    I love your style. Something new. Something different. I will be very glad when your CD in the stores.

    You have a precious smile. You are anointed. You bring a complete sound that moves and directs my mood with satisfaction in the Lord Jesus.

    I enjoy you to the utmost. I wanted you to win but there are stereotypical elements that did not yield to the beauty of your voice.

    The Best is Yet to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana

    I am ready…I am ready… to listen to your music CD. You have the complete package of creativity, firmness, flexibility, laughter, joy, peace, transparency, stability and humility in your voice.

    Jessica Reedy you are The Best. I really need to hear the movement, flow, and precision in your music again and again. You are fantastic, terrific, exciting, and very enjoyable.

    Jessica sounds and looks very uplifting, reviving, restoring, and upholding. Your singing meets me where I am and takes me beyond where eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all the good things God has in store for His children. You are an anointed minister to the whole person with everlasting joy unspeakable.

    I see you being blessed with a very successful and solid career. Hold to God’s unchanging hands. I believe you wil be richly blessed and share all that God is doing in your life. You exemplify that childlike faith where all things are possible to the one who believes that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

    Your music ministers to my mind, heart, soul, body, spirit and all of me.

    The Best to You and Yours.

  • Cheryl Orr

    I too, am ready….. I have the complete season recorded and I am completely blown away by your voice. I stop everything I’m doing and give your performance my undivided attention because it commands it. I find my self rewinding “The Question Is” 3 and 4 times back to back. I even move on to the next episode after you have performed. I know without a shadow of a doubt you will be a recording artist and I will always be a fan. May God continue to smile on you Ms. Sassy ….you are all that!!!!

  • CherokeeRose

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I thought the same thing about Sunday Best. I loved Jessica Reedy. Jessica was anointed. I saw her insecurity at the try-outs and I saw her uniqueness. I also saw her growth throughout the weeks. I never watched the other singers. When Jessica’s CD comes out I will buy it. I thought Y’Anna Crowley had the same sound I heard so many times before. Too much screaming. I also felt she was not always being real. At the one show when asked how they felt Y’anna said sad & depressed. but that was what Jessica had said the previous week. I want to encourage Jessica to keep singing and to keep her focus on God. Jessica blessed me so many weeks because although she had the talent, Jessica always sang from her heart and spirit. That’s rare.I loved her realness and I hope Jessica never loses that.
    God Bless you Jessica-We’re ready for you!!!

  • TT

    I am a Jessica fan. I love her style of music. I agree that Latice shouldn’t have been cut. I liked Latice and Jessica as the last two. I am tired of the same old screaming gospel. Everybody think if you can scream you can sing and that’s not true. We have enough Divas singing the way Iyanna sings. She can sing without a doubt but, I am tired of that style. When you have someone saying Jessica can’t sing, that tells me they don’t know
    ANYTHING about music. Jessica keep the faith and keep on keeping on. I am waiting patiently for your new music. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!

  • Tambra Denson

    Jessica Reddy where are you. I loved you on Sunday Best and I hope to hear you in the future I really feel that you should have won I hope that you will reappear soon may God continue to Bless you and that wonderful gift that he has bestowed upon you. Truly beautiful there was not a song that you sang that did not bring me to tears, Thank you please let us hear you again. A TRUE FAN OF JESSICA REDDY

  • herman

    please do a cd

  • Kim

    I want to hear from Jessica Reddy also. Someone in an earlier comment replied that Jessica wasn’t singing Gospel but Jazz. The sad thing is that everyone doesn’t understand that singing the Gospel is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, that He saves. Jesus said that you must be Holy, humble and lowly. I didn’t get that from Y’Anna Crawley. When she sang Donald Lawrence’s song, Encourage Yourself, she had no Word in her to pull from as she was “spreading the Gospel” of how we should speak over ourselves. Instead she said, “Remember the Little Engine that could?” Jessica was humble and as she sang in her Jazzy manner, she ministered to others spreading the Gospel that Jesus has not forgotten us.

  • http://bet Mary Ann

    I so lovethe sound of your voice. You are the new voice in gospel music.Nothing you sang was wrong, and i’m looking foward to buying all you cd’s. may the LORD keep finding favor in you.

  • Denise Hill

    I love Jessica Reddy, she is in a class all by her self (she has set a New Standard) for Gospel. I will follow her career and can't wait for first CD to be release. I love her soul, spirit, passion, when she sang, I felt the something powerful and moving in her songs (each one uplifting and distinctive). She deserves and needs a record contract immediately, please.

  • Patricia Brown

    Hi Denise i agree with u 100% Jessica i cant wait for your cd to come out! Also the flow that the Spirit has u in it is truely God.its so pure,holy,yoke destroying!!!!!Be Bless WOMAN of GOD

  • Patricia Brown

    Hi Kim i did not recieve any thing from Y'anna either there was no anointing also there is a difference and just singing,the different is if there NO ANOINTING there is no deliverance!!! also Jessica I know she has a relateionship with God and for that fact alone she sings what God has bring her thur and is yet bringing her thur

  • Patricia Brown

    i am waiting to brother this voice has to b heard there are souls waiting for this woman of Gods voice for there very break thurs

  • Patricia Brown

    I AGREE 200% in my spirit Jessica u r Sunday best monday thur saturdays best too love u much!!!

  • TreyDuce16

    God loves Worshipers! We should sing unto the Lord not man. God is not moved with performing
    but only with our worship to to him. If annoting of God is not upon us when singing it's simply performing. We can have THE voice but without God ~Annoiting you are wasting your time
    It is really sad that the Christian Community does not accept singers unless they sing a certain way.
    Wake up Christians! we' re here on a mission, some of our gospel artist need to check themselves
    singing about the Father but have adopted the R&B sound, nothing personal R&B singers got love for you, The Bible says make a joyful noise unto the Lord, it also speaks of psalms & hymnal unto him.

  • TreyDuce16

    God loves Worshipers! We should sing unto the Lord not man. God is not moved with performing
    but only with our worship to to him. If annoting of God is not upon us when singing it's simply performing. We can have THE voice but without God ~Annoiting you are wasting your time
    It is really sad that the Christian Community does not accept singers unless they sing a certain way.
    Wake up Christians! we' re here on a mission, some of our gospel artist need to check themselves
    singing about the Father but have adopted the R&B sound, nothing personal R&B singers got love for you, The Bible says make a joyful noise unto the Lord, it also speaks of psalms & hymnal unto him.

  • Krystalc1

    WOW!! I liked her voice! It is different from everybody elses! LOL!!

  • Ralind Davis

    Denise, you are correct about her voice is great. However, in Sunday's Best the judges were looking a soul stirring, powerhouse, and annoited singer. Jessica was not ready for this competition. She sat there and stayed in a comforting lane, and let Yanna take this from her through her powerhouse voice. I have to say, Yanna just makes me laugh with her strong singing.. THe girl can sing… Give her the props….

  • Jeanmatthews007

    I sincerely believe that comment that the gospel music may not be ready for Jessica Reedy, and I do believe that they may be missing a great deal if they don’t get their act together and be prepared to listen for something different, and wholesome, and we can tell that she has a genuine heart for the Lord, I wouldn’t want her to change anything, I like her style of the way she gets a song over, I’ve heard, and listened to a lot of gospel singers, and trust me her style it’s unique I love it!!

    Mildred Jean Matthews

  • Jeanmatthews007

    I totally disagree with this comment about Jessica Reedy, you can’t even spell her name right, it’s not Ready, anyway God put a gift in all of us, and whatever your gift is, just remember someone may not agree or like whatever you do, but it doesn’t matter anyway as long as God is pleased with it, and she’s using her talent to glorify his name, that’s all that matters because neither you or I or anyone else can put her in a heaven or hell no one but God, he is the one who will be the judge of all judges in the end, yours and mine too, so there you got it, I sincerely hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mildred Jean Matthews

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