T.D. Jakes’ son arrested

jermainejakesCall me crazy or naive, but I never thought that I would Google the words “TD Jakes arrested” and get any relevant search results. Well, today I Googled those exact words and unfortunately, something relevant came up.

CBS11 in Dallas, TX is reporting that Jermaine Jakes, son of T.D. Jakes, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. OK, this is where I pause for a minute so you can cycle through every preacher’s kid joke and stereotype that you know of.

This is just sad. I don’t think the Bishop can be blamed for this one. Jermaine is a grown man. He clearly has some internal issues that desperately need to be addressed.

It is always a shame when any minister is in a position where they travel across the entire world preaching the Gospel. They are in a situation where they are leading thousands of people to Christ, but they can’t prevent their own family members falling victim to evil. It just goes to show you that no matter how spiritual you are, you are not exempt from life.

In a previous post, I prayed for a drama free year in gospel music for 2009. We haven’t even gotten through February and that dream has already been crushed. Yes, I know that it wasn’t one of the most realistic prayers to begin with. That was definitely wishful thinking on my part.

Now the rest of us can just pray. Jermaine is clearly struggling with some things right now. I pray that the Lord will deliver from these struggles.

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    TD JAKES son is a grown man like the article says, what a grown person does as an adult should not reflect the parents. Come on let’s be realistic no matter if his Father is a PAstor or not people still make mistakes. Give Td Jakes a break this is so annoying you can’t tie a grown man to his Father when the son clearly knows rite from wrong. The son is human to how about we pray for the young man he needs help and talking bad about either of them is FAR from help. Every family has issues let’s just say that NO ONE can say they have a perfect family and IF you do woowwwwww your the first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    A fan of a aweome MAN (LIANA H)

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