The Bible is the top selling book of all time

The Christian Post is reporting that a Harris Poll survey concluded that the bible is the top selling   book of all time. 

Is anybody surprised by this. It is pretty safe to say that the bible is the greatest book ever written. I don’t care how many languages it is translated in or how many versions are created. Someone could even come out with an ebonics bible, with Jesus saying stuff like "Ya boy J.C. is gonna be dissed 3 times before the rooster hollas".  It won’t matter, the bible is and will always be the greatest book ever.

You can read the complete article here.



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  • Jae

    I would totally read an Ebonical Bible. I will help you to write one. Do you KNOW how many people would turn to Christ if they could just get past the “thee, thou, thus”s of the King James Version?
    Here’s your chance to make millions.

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