The genius of Mary Mary

They have a hit TV show on WEtv and the #1 album on the Billboard Gospel charts. Everything seems to be going pretty well for Mary Mary these days. While they are entertaining us on TV and ministering to us through music, they are subtly teaching and reinforcing a lesson to everyone. What they are doing is pure genius. 

Now, when I say Mary Mary, I don't just simply mean Erica and Tina Campbell. I'm referring to the entire team that makes the Mary Mary machine go. If their TV show has taught us anything, we have learned that there are many people behind the scenes that are responsible for the finished product that we hear on MP3s and see on stage. 

We have seen a number of celebrities with their own reality TV show before. Some of them have even been musicians or music industry types. How many of them have had the forethought to release an album during the run of the show? They have even integrated their music into the show. By doing this, they are exposing their music to a completely new audience. 

Think about their current album "Go Get It". Like I said before, it is #1 on the Billboard Gospel charts. The album is also #16 on the Billboard top 200 and #3 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. That in of itself may not seem too out of the ordinary to you. However, let's consider the songs on the album.

There is no denying that "Go Get It" is a hit song. When you look at that other songs on the album, you'll find that most of them were recored on previous Mary Mary albums. For the most part, these songs aren't even remixes. They sound like the original recordings.  

In a day and age where you can easily buy just one song from without buying the entire album, they're topping the charts with an album filled with a bunch of previously recorded music. A big factor for this has to be be because they tied the album and the show together. The new audience from the show means that there are people that may not have heard the "old songs". Therefore people are buying these songs for the first time. This is absolutely brilliant!

There may have been certain factors like pregnancies that prevented them from releasing an album that has more new music. There is a chance that releasing an album full of classics could have been their plan all along. Whatever the original intent was, the end result definitely worked out in their favor. 

It is pretty unlikely that we'll see massive amounts of Gospel artists get reality shows. However, one thing we can all learn from what Mary Mary is doing is to take full advantage of every opportunity that is presented in front of us. When opportunities arise in our lives, we really need to figure out what we can do to maximize them. 

What are your opinions about what Mary Mary is doing? What do you think about the TV show? What do you think about the new album?

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