The Minister’s Guide To Sin, Sex and Relationships: Lesson 5 – Get An Accountability Partner

It is extremely difficult to go through any journey by yourself. Think about all of the great explorers throughout history. None of them made their discoveries alone. Many Americans learned about Christopher Columbus growing up, but even he need a team of people to accomplish his task.

Our journey as Christians is no different. I don’t believe that God intends for us to walk alone. We all need accountability partners. These are people that God allows to be apart of our lives that give us wisdom, encouragement and support as we go through the journey of life.

Why Have An Accountability Partner
Accountability partners help us remain focused on God and his purpose. A good accountability partner will praise you when you are doing right and lovingly correct you when you are doing wrong. A good accountability partner will pray and ask you those tough questions about areas that you may be struggling in. A good accountability partner can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of sin and possibly save your life. (See David and Jonathan’s relationship in I Samuel)

What To Look For In An Accountability Partner
-They must be the same gender or sex as you are.
-Submitted to and obedient to God
-Can keep confidentiality
-Is available to meet face-to-face a couple of times per month
-Is available for frequent conversations via phone or email.

There is not a standard formula for having and accountability partner. Pray and ask God who you should be aligned with. Once he has given you someone, start meeting and talking. Begin to allow the Lord to direct your conversations and everything will fall into place from there.

Do you have an accountability partner? How has having an accountability partner impacted your life?

The Minister’s Guide to Sin, Sex and Relationships
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  • Ebin George

    why not we make Holy spirit the accountability partner ?

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