The Minister’s Guide to Sin, Sex and Relationships: Lesson 6 – Attend a Christian Marriage Conference or Seminar

I can’t take full credit for coming up with today’s lesson. I was at a marriage seminar a couple of years ago and Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, made this recommendation. He suggested that all married people attend a Christian marriage event specifically for the enrichment of their marriage at least once per year. I agree 100% with this recommendation.

Why Attend A Marriage Event
None of us have all the answers when it comes to marriage. Even though you may have been married a long time, I would argue that there are still some things you can learn about your spouse. Attending marriage related events can help you uncover new knowledge about your spouse. It is not that they have been intentionally keeping things from you. People evolve and change. Marriage conferences and seminars can help to identify, understand and adapt to changes that take place in your marriage.

I don’t know any marriage that has not been faced with adversity. This adversity may come from financial hardships, difficulties raising children, or even sexual issues. Attending marriage seminars and conferences will help you navigate through adversity (with God’s help).

How to Find a Marriage Event
There are many different options you can explore in order to accomplish this. At first thought, you might think that you need to plan some expensive weekend getaway at a resort. While I’m sure that may be nice, that is not what you need to do.

If you do a search online for “Christian Marriage Conferences” or “Christian Marriage Seminars”, you will see a number of options being offered by “marriage experts”. I’m sure many of these events offer very enriching experiences. Do your homework before you attend one. Try to talk to other people that have attended them. Most importantly, pray and ask God were he wants you and your spouse to go.

Often times, there are many quality marriage events right in your area. Try checking with local churches in your area to see what they may be offering.

You could also have a marriage event at your church. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate. You can gather some of the married couples and have some present about a specific topic or you could just have a discussion around a topic.

You Have Something To Offer
You will get a lot of solid information when you attend a marriage related event. However, you have a lot to offer. I’m sure that you have experiences and knowledge that can benefit other marriages. Don’t neglect the knowledge that God has given you. It can really bless someone else.

Have you attended marriage seminars or conferences in the past? What has your experience been?

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