The New Model for Pastoral Counseling

In addition to being preachers and leaders, pastors have historically held the role as counselors. I sometimes wonder if many pastors are even qualified to be counselors.

Should we trust our pastors to give us wise counsel in every aspect of our lives? Would you be open to receive marriage counseling from a pastor that has been divorced or never married?

I think sometimes pastors feel the pressure to be able to speak to all of the different types of situations that we go through in life. In reality, it is OK to not be an expert in all things. A degree in theology or divinity isn’t the same as holding a degree in psychology. Instead of trying to be counselors, most pastors would probably be better served operating like a triage nurse. They should evaluate your problem or situation and then refer you to another member of the congregation or minister in the community who are better equipped to help you.

The sooner more pastors move away from the “one man or woman tries to do it all” model, the better off we will all be. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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