The NFL Draft’s impact on American churches.


Please note: This post is just for fun.

This past weekend, hundreds of college football players were drafted into the NFL. As a result, over 200 young men will soon enter into the $200,000 + income bracket.

You’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with Christianity?” It’s simple. A number of churches across the country will begin to see an increase in tithes and offerings. Out of all the players drafted this weekend there has to be a fair number of believers among them. These players will join churches and become givers. I’m not saying all of them will do this, but some will.

All of the sudden we may start seeing churches burning mortgages or removing the building fund thermometer from the back of the church. Don’t be surprised if pastors all across the country start buying new cars.

Will there ever be a time when we begin to see pastors actively recruiting members for financial purposes? Let’s not be naive. There are definitely a number of pastors who are greatly concerned about the financial benefits that can come with leading a ministry.

It probably won’t be long until we see pastors watching the NFL draft in an effort to “scout” for new members. I can see it now. On draft day a new NFL player will get two phone calls. One will be from their new team and the other will be from a pastor who has a church in the city of the new team.

I bet if we checked Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez’s cell phones we would see a number of text messages from pastors inviting them to services. Ten percent of 40 million is a whole lot of money. Who wouldn’t want a member with that type income in their congregation.

Does your church do any type of recruiting to attract members?

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