Town Hall for Hope

townhallFor the last couple of weeks I have been excited about watching the Dove Awards that will air on the Gospel Music Channel tonight.  However, I have decided that I will not be watching the Doves. Instead I will watch Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey.

I absolutely love gospel music. I also enjoy watching Survivor, which comes on Thursday nights too. I realize that there are more important things in life. Information that will help the prosperity of me and my family is far more important than good gospel music or a good reality show.

This recession is real, but that doesn’t mean that I need to participate in it. In fact, I refuse to participate in it. People are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. I pray for those people daily. I am blessed because my family really hasn’t been effected. Believe me, if I lost my job, I would be out finding another job quickly even if it meant working at a fast food restaurant.

What makes Town Hall For Hope so special is that it will not just be about people crying “woe is me, I lost my job”. This event is about prosperity! This event is about overcoming in what appears to be difficult times.

There are people who will be watching and participating  from over 6,000 locations across the country. Most of those location are churches. You can also watch on the Fox Business Channel at 8 PM (check local listings).

I’m sure that the Gospel Music Channel will re-air the Dove Awards about 10 times over the next month and I can always catch old Survivor episodes online. You will probably never hear me say this again. Do yourself a favor. Forget about watching the Doves or anything else tonight. Watch Town Hall For Hope.

For more information you can go here:

Town Hall For Hope Website
Fox Business Channel Website

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