What a Woman Wears to Church is Her Business

There is always a big debate over the clothes that some women choose to wear, especially when it comes to church. Should women be criticized for the types of clothing that they wear? Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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  • LEH

    A logical opinion, but self contradictory. You say it doesn’t matter what “women” wear, but you imply that it does matter what your wife, sister or mother wears.
    Since the Bible says a woman should adorn herself “modestly” obviously is DOES matter how a woman adorns herself! You belittle the Word by lumping that concept in with, as you say, “all this other kinda stuff”. The question is how is ‘modestly’ to be defined.

    For a woman to dress in a way that openly displays her sexuality, or that is likely to incite thoughts of a sexual nature in others is what ‘lasciviousness’ is, and that’s a lust of the flesh. It’s not that a person is distracted away from the Spirit of God, it’s that their FLESH, which CANNOT be subject to God’s law, is being enticed. It doesn’t matter how “saved” you think you are, your flesh is going to respond.

    However, you’re right that if a brother ACTS on his lust, that’s HIS sin, but that doesn’t mean that a woman who is adorned in an enticing manner is innocent, because the Bible teaches that if a you (for example) CAUSE another person to sin, that is a sin to YOU!

    Your opinion, while well spoken and sprinkled with some biblical salt, is not really entirely in harmony with the Scripture. This is why opinion, unless it is presented as opinion, can be dangerous and can poison the spirit of those who don’t have solid teaching.

  • http://thegospelblog.com Cliff


    Thanks for sharing. I never stated that this was biblical teaching. I apologize if it was misinterpreted as such.

    Where do we draw the line? If a man has a lustful nature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman needs to be dressed in tight and/or revealing clothing for him to have lust in his heart. A man can find a woman attractive and lust after her if she is wearing a nice dress.

    At what point is a woman safe where she would not need to worry about causing a man to sin?

  • JustABrother

    To be considered biblical, teaching should be based upon the tenets and principles found in the Holy Bible. Shouldn’t that be what’s found in The Gospel Blog? If it’s not biblical, what is it based on?
    To respond to the question, “should women be criticized for the types of clothing that they wear?” I’d have to say the Bible doesn’t mandate criticism, so, no. We’re commanded to speak the truth in love, and the older women are charged to teach younger women about living a modest, Godly life in every aspect. But no one’s told to be critical. Maybe we should revisit the questions?

  • Erica

    Although some feel that It’s contradictory..the bottom line is that the house of God is supposed to be full of reverance and respect. Everywhere you go you are suppose to be a light. How can you minister to people when you look just like them. There is suppose to be a difference.We are in the world not of the world. Modest apparel. You can be modest and still be holy and look nice. I get tired of females coming to church like they are going to the club, or like they trying to get a man. It’s not about being critical, but if you say that you are a child of God than you should have some kind of standard.Deliverance is the key. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…Be blessed and Thank you for allowing me to share.

  • http://twitter.com/yoshlk Yohan & Shery Perera

    There's nothing wrong with women wearing pants to the church as long as they are long, loose and covered.

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