What to Do When You Hate Your Job

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It is Monday and there you are dragging yourself to work for another week. Do you hate your job? Do you hate the people that work there? Do you hate the work that you do? I know for some people “hate” is a strong word. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, hating their job is a reality.

The current economy is arguably horrible. You should be extremely grateful if you are blessed to have a job in this economy. Even though it may not be the job you want or like, I encourage you to be grateful for it. When you go to work everyday, let God know how grateful you are for the job you have. Your situation could be much, much worse.

Problems With Your Co-Workers
Pray and ask God about how you should deal with your co-workers. Ask him for favor regarding your interactions with the people your work with. Let Him guide your words and actions.

Maybe you wish a certain person didn’t work on your job anymore. Praying that someone gets fired probably isn’t the Christian way to go. However, there is nothing wrong with praying God’s blessing over someone. Pray that God blesses the person so that they will get a better position and move out of your office or department. This method works. I personally know someone that did this.

Take Action
There is a chance that God wants you to be uncomfortable with your current job. It is likely that he has something better for you and you may never realize it if you bask in the comfort of your current position. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to move on?

Prepare yourself for something better. Go out and get the education or certification that you need. Go learn new job skills if you need to. Do the normal job hunting activities like conducting searches online and getting your resume together.

For help with job hunting and attaining the career you want, go read 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. I highly recommend this book. Dan is the leading authority on career coaching and counseling. An extra benefit is that Dan is a Christian.

Stay Encouraged
God doesn’t desire for you to spend everyday going to a job that you hate. He wants the best for you and he has great plans for your life. A new career probably won’t happen overnight. Continue to be thankful and faithful. The blessings will begin to flow in your life before you know it.

Are your ready to leave your job? Do you need a change? Please share your experiences about how God is leading you to a new job.

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  • MrsHolmes

    I know this to be oh so true. God allowed me to feel so uncomfortable in a job at one time in my life. I did not heed the signs to move when he told me to. But, when the discomfort got so that all I could do was turn to Him, I moved quick, fast and expeditiously. God opened an amazing door and closed others. I am not in a job that I love because I moved and allowed God to move me. Had I tried to continue to try it on my own, I don’t think I would be where I am now.

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