What’s Wrong With a Rich Pastor?

money1There are a good number of pastors that are making a lot of money in ministry. Some of these pastors have mansions, expensive cars, and private jets. They get money from their churches (salaries). They sell millions of books. They sell sermons to people all over the world.

Should we look at such possessions as blessings from God or examples of man’s greed?

What is wrong with a pastor making millions of dollars in ministry?

Please share your thoughts.

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  • Future Foot Doc

    In my opinion I think the people who are doing God’s work need money to do KINGDOM business. I think is funny how we never question a basketball, football, or an entertainer personality about the millions they are making, and if we can pay them BILLIONS of dollars, then how much more should we pay pastors who are leading people the CHRIST. Now I am not vouching for all pastors because of course, not everyone is honest, but who are we to judge, we are all just one sin away from death. I think, as Christians we should support our pastors, because a lot of them have given up A LOT to be in the position. I attend a mega church and my pastor preaches about 8 sermons a week, while in school (doctoral degree), father, husband, and leader of the community, and too many others to name. I know he deserves MILLIONSl So Let GOD deal with them if they’re hearts aren’t pure, but be careful to judge because we do not know what their assignment entails. While we ask questions about what someone is doing for their money, we should examine OURSELVES and ask do we deserve what GOD has blessed us with, and what are we doing with it for the KINGDOM.

  • http://thegospelblog.com Cliff

    Future Foot Doc,

    Thanks for the comment. I personally don’t have a problem with the money a pastor makes as long as the church is in good financial standing. Unfortunately, there is a loooong line of people that do not agree with us.

  • Future Foot Doc

    @ Cliff yeah I know, well that’s their issue.

  • Gyro

    Rich Pastor? No problem
    Rich Pastor that got his money off hard working poor members of the church. PROBLEM.

  • http://www.kppi.ord Timotius

    soul is more important than money, but winning soul need money to go, so no problem with rich pastor, as long as they use the wealth to win the soul

  • http://thegospelblog.com Cliff


    You make a good point. Winning souls is extremely important! Let’s hope people don’t lose sight of that.

  • Me

    I believe in having faith in God, but too often you see a lot of church folks that admire men too much. Being so excited over their anointing, and forgetting that we have access to the heart and teachings of THE anointed one. The messiah…And humility is often lacking. I think we need to make it a practice to step back sometimes and evaluate whether the message of the gospel is being preached with sincerity in these days. Or if the love of money is a big competition with the true gospel.
    Do I have a problem with them having money?
    No….but if there are tons of struggling people, they should not be burdened with providing for a rich pastor. And if that same pastor turns away members in need and goes back to a comfty life…( I have witnessed these things)
    Even in the Old testament, you can see where a portion of the tithe was meant to be used for the poor and widows (Deut 26:12)
    I like the idea of transparency…not just blind faith, which makes the masses oh so easy to deceive. I love God’s kingdom and want my money to go to good. Not one person’s gain. Some people have issues with it all because of a lack of transparency in so many churches re the funds.
    Jesus was not a super baller, (doesn’t mean I think we have to be poor, but…)so I protest in my soul when I see people equate material prosperity with Godliness, as if it is a measuring stick. I wonder how much flesh has crept into that line of thinking. Jesus had nothing on the cross, but rose with all power.
    bottom line….I believe it will always be a struggle to try to love God above all else, including money. I want to devote myself to that. Doesn’t mean I want to forsake worldly things. i can have them. But I don’t want them to have me. We have to focus on his heart first, and not just his hand. And certainly not what a pastor is driving. A hard task nowadays.
    Sorry so long…

  • Ir FE Susi Panjaitan

    Gak ada yang salah dengan Pendeta yang kaya,karena u/ penginjilan
    juga butuh dana. Kalau pendeta miskin jadi minta minta, kan mempermalukan nama Tuhan. Kaya dan menyenangkan Tuhan, itu mantap.
    Kaya bukan materi saja, tapi Kaya akan hal hal rokhani yang ada nilai kekekalan .

  • Lemilest

    i diagree i think you should be more focused on the word of God instead of your pastor the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil an alot of these men prey on the weak to get money if you truly know the bible its not about money in in the days when Christ walked the earth he preached that we should not use the bible to get rich there are plenty of careers to make money God dosen'T care about how much money you have if did Jesus would have been the wealthiest man than that ever live, follow Jesus's teachings and you will know right from wrong.

  • Lemilest

    i diagree i think you should be more focused on the word of God instead of your pastor the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil an alot of these men prey on the weak to get money if you truly know the bible its not about money in in the days when Christ walked the earth he preached that we should not use the bible to get rich there are plenty of careers to make money God dosen'T care about how much money you have if did Jesus would have been the wealthiest man than that ever live, follow Jesus's teachings and you will know right from wrong.

  • TW

    Mark 10:21-10:25
    21 Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

    …nuff said.

  • The Locust

    People who think pastors deserve or even should be rich are deluded sheep or crooked pastors themselves.   Paul, the guy who wrote a good deal of the Bible, talked about disciples of Christ not having a lot of wealth, meaning men of the cloth should live humble, meager lives  because they are servants, not kings.   Of course, guys like Jesus and Paul also believed that they can’t take a bunch of money with them when they die.   These mega-preachers think they’re like the Pharoahs, accumulating wealth and treating all others before them as their subjects.   Read the Bible.   Preachers were getting killed and tortured for their faith, and you think modern day preachers work any harder than the guys getting their heads chopped off for Jesus.  You deserve better treatment than Jesus?   Seriously?  Only the priests who worked against Jesus were wealthy.  Think about it.  

    Not to mention, $5000 can do a lot of good in the world, like digging water wells for people dying of thirst in Africa.   But I guess God would rather have them die so that Creflow Dollar can have another pair of fine, Italian loafers.  I think Air Jordans are overpriced, but if one mega-preacher would give up one pair of shoes, he could buy Jordans for a dozen kids.  One less luxury car could put a couple kids through four years of college (not community either).   One less luxury home (and they have more than one) could pay off the mortgages of up to 100 people living in the city.  Ask yourself if that preacher is really doing all he can for God and his community when he takes in so much and gives so little back?   He steals hope from the hopeless and you think he’s a saint.  He grows fat as Albert while Africa starves.  He’s a rogue weed sapping the life out of the struggling plants around him.  

    A man only needs food in his belly and a roof over his head.   And since you only have one head, you don’t need more than one roof.  You don’t need caviar and cognac to do God’s work either.  If you think you do, you should go earn it for yourself rather than begging for it in the name of God.  You’re worse than the crack-head begging for change, because he ain’t using God’s name to get what he wants for himself.  

    Don’t be a sucker.   Give your money to an authentic charity where 60% or more of the proceeds go to the needy, not some fake church where 90% of the money goes to the preacher and his little minions.  

  • Ross41182

    This is out of context. You must continue reading the rest of the story through verse 31. In verse 29 and 30 Jesus says that there’s no one who gives up everything on earth who won’t receive a hundred fold on earth and heaven. Why would he give a hundredfold on Earth if is was bad? This is a test of what’s most important in someone’s life, not that money is bad-it’s obviously good or God wouldn’t give it back to those who gave it up. Any good preacher that is wealthy would be willing to give up their riches for Jesus, if they’re not (or anyone, pastor or not) that’s the problem. But that doesn’t mean they have to to be good people.

  • Endale

     I have a point here. Pastors must not be rich, I mean if they are really a followr of Jesus. Being a Christaian means being a follower of Jesus. Jesus don’t love money, and doesnot appriciate being rich. Instead of having an expensive car or Jet why don’t they change the life of those who are in need of that. The Church members, if they did that why don’t tehy go further and reach all the poor around the world, they are all their brothers and sisters? A pastor as a Christian why don’t he live a normal life?  Why don’t he be a good mentor, leader and a brother?

    I am tired of these days teachings.

  • Lalapad

    Did not the bible say, “humility and fear of God will bring you wealth, honor and life?”, and “Trust in God and you will spend the rest of your days in prosperity?”, and “wisdom is a shelter like money is a shelter?’ And “Jesus was made poor so that through his suffering we would be able to be made rich?” Not to mention the guards gambled for Jesus’ clothes after his arrest. What guards gamble for a poor man’s clothes? Did not also say, “Ask and you shall receive?” or “You will receive whatever you ask, so for HIS glory you bear much fruit?”

    I can go on throughout the Bible where God promises wealth. prosperity, and joy. We were made for his pleasure. So are we saying, God takes pleasure in us being poor? If he made us in his own image, is us being poor saying that he’s poor? Or is us being poor saying we have lack of faith?
    Did God not make Solomon the richest man in the world in that time? Did not God bless David with his master’s house and everything he asked, and then turn around to say to him, if it all had been too little, I would have given you more?

    A pastor is rich because he has full faith in God and trusts in him, so God therefore blesses him fully. Who better to make rich than someone who has completely dedicated their lives to the Lord? I ask not why God made that pastor rich, but I ask why God has yet to make me rich.

  • Ajayi

    Pastor supposed to be rich in holly spirit and inspiration of God not by keeping wealth, let us be clear to ourselves if we are really worshiping God, pastor most be receiving his salary and gift from rich people whose know God or the member of the church, but he can take a little out of all these things and gives the remaining one out immediately, and live his simple life and satisfy with the blessing of God, the blessing of God is: when you are healthy with your family and people obey you in the face of God, you are already being blessed.
    People in ministry should control the income of the church to pay workers and pastor salary without corruption, pastor not need to be in charge of church money.
    The pastor is a shepherd, since he guiding wealth, he no more a shepherd.
    Pastors are men of God whose have been anointed and satisfied with holy spirit, everything around them by the supplications of their ministry, so, they don’t need to keep any wealth, money, gold or diamond. All are the things of hearth and they shall perish hearth.
    Holly spirit did not need physical finances, he is working with spirits, millionaire pastor should know that most of this money has been made by blood, tears and another person’s s wealth.
    No pastor was rich by the wealth of the hearth inside bible, you can think of Abraham, king David or king Solomon, they were God lover not pastor, pastor were those whose giving people the guideline of God like Moses, Aron, John and Paul.
    Anyway, no one judging anyone, but we can tell ourselves true, there is different between; PASTROS and RICH MEN, thanks.

  • Doug

    How many kids have you bought sneakers for this year? How many families have you fed this week? how many hospital visits have you made this week?

  • nanaTo5

    If they are getting their riches from the congregation, it’s not biblical. Nothing wrong with them being rich though, many make their money selling books.

  • jahmani

    We must remember the core principles of which Christianity is built on: LOVE.
    The love of God who is in heaven firstly, then the love of our brothers and sisters here on earth. The word LOVE answers the question. Would you love someone and ignore their suffering while you are in a great position to help. Those who are called by God have compassion. Your conscience guide you in what’s right from wrong. From a biblical perspective: The bible says, you cannot be of this world and be of God. The two main things that define the world is the desire of money and flesh. The bible also said where your treasures is, the heart is also. If you have all things on earth, how is heaven important to you. It says the kingdom of God is for the poor and the oppressed. Was God not angry with Eli because his sons misused the offering? Also did not Jesus said to the his disciple’s to not even take a second coat with them when they go out to minister. Jesus came to us as a poor man because he knew if he was rich, everyone would have respect for him. He wanted the word to take focus and not respect for him. Matthew 13:54-57 His not this the carpenters son? Is not is mother called Mary and his brothers called James, Joses and Judas. Whence then hath this man all these things. And they were offended by him.
    Read James 2:1-4.

  • maita

    Because you spend your money on the pastor.

  • maita

    I have seen broken people with mega rich pastors all thy do is boast how rich their pastor is how big their pastor’s mansion is but when in trouble he bothers relatives for medical funding.

  • Sri Abraham

    it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven… then how can a pastor preach the gospel he don’t have entry for heaven…. we have not seen any jesus disciples rich as per bible ..

  • http://www.midnightministries.com/ Robert Harris
  • Summers

    Because doing the work of “God”and hoarding wealth for your self and your family are not synonymous.
    A man needs a roof, food and medical care to live. He does not need exotic cars and private jets. This is the greed of a man and has nothing to do with ministry or helping your fellow man.
    If you are a millionaire pastor and your congregation is made up of many members who struggle to afford medical care you are not doing the work of “God”.

  • Darth Perfidious

    Who are you to tell someone how they should spend their own money? You want to live in a socialist society where the government tells you where, when and how to spend every cent you make? Then go there. Then come back tell us that’s the way to live.

    What you’re saying is no one should make more than they need. That’s beyond stupid. Let’s say you worked hard all your life and earned $150 million dollars, hell even $1 million. How would you like it if some person come up to you, took all that money away, your lavish house, nice cars, etc and left you with only what THEY deem you deserve to live on (basic house, running water and a crappy car). You wouldn’t like that, now would you? Highly doubt it. You’d want to keep that hard earned wealth and prosperity.

  • GeoMart23

    This has nothing to do with socialism and a government forcing you to do anything, heck, God won’t force the Pastor to do anything with his money either, but as a Pastor, they are called to care for their God’s people and to live modestly. To do what is right with the wealth that God has given to them, not abuse it for their own greed. I’m all for freedom of how to spend your money because it shows what is truly in your heart, especially as a millionaire pastor.

  • Rich Tateo

    You do realize the earning you speak of are given in faith to The Lord right? There isn’t an invisible hand writing a check here. The article refers to a congregation supporting a pastor’s lifestyle – and/or book sales by individuals seeking faith and guidance by someone translating God’s word. We’re not speaking of a hotel magnet or oil tycoon. That pastor ABSOLUTELY should be a good steward of those funds and be generous with the amount beyond what he and his family requires for a modest living.

  • NinjaMountie

    Didn’t God also create rich men in Job? David? Solomon?
    There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. As long as that wealth was earned in a Godly manner and used in a Godly manner.
    That also doesn’t mean that you have to give all your money away. Remember the Parable of the Talents.
    Do I have a problem with men becoming rich OFF of their church? Yes. However, if they write books or made money before they became a pastor then it’s a bit different.

  • NinjaMountie

    As Ross said, out of context. One might even say misleading.

  • Evelyn Torres-Lowe

    If I go by the book of Acts and look at how the apostles lived and how they were martyred I would say yes it wrong to live extravagantly . I believe we should be examples and live modestly. When i read in the gospels how Jesus sent out the disciples , he told them not to take a money bag with them. I respect a mother Theresa more than a rich pastor who lives in a mansion. In the book of Acts the church grew by God’s Spirit not by conferences and selling books! The question is motivation. Are they selling books to further God’s Kingdom or fatten their wallets?

  • Jim Jensen

    It stinks, like killing animals. But the bible got them covered.

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Did polya paul work so that he can supply to the ministry did he peddle God’s word to make money? any sinner can turn from sin to Jesus Christ and read for themselves and be taught by God that Paul the apostle sufferes .Jesus Christ was a man acquaintes with sorrow. man you need to wake up and stop defending these frauds!

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Those who bring up man of the Old Testament and ignore the New Testament and what God did through Jesus Christ are completely ignorant. Jesus Christ was a man acquainted with sorrows Jesus was laughed at mocked and treated like scum and crucified

    Paul boasted in his sufferings not in his knowledge not in any kind of money or material possession May God deliver you from your blinded eyes

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Did Jesus Christ need millions and billions of dollars to preach the gospel. Gods teachers against those who use the word of God to peddle it for money. to use the suffering of others and the need for others to hear the gospel in order to justify these greedy hearted men who are no more than lovers of the world is wicked

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Selling books without God’s word.. Jesus Christ and God’s wprd….we don’t need men’s books as many of these men are false teachers false teachers are people who are after money. read your Bible man read the book of Timothy Reid 2 Peter 2 chapter 2 may God open your blind eyes

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Amen. Cursed is the man who puts his hope in the flesh christians are idle worshipers many of them not all of them but many of them. Paul the apostle’s didn’t even allow people to put him on a pedestal or he rebuked them but these false teachers lavas and peoples praise and order to justify their lavish love of the Earth the world when Jesus Christ said life isn’t in the abundance of material possessions

  • Alexander Ruiz

    If you think Jesus Christ speaking about being rich was about being was about earthly riches you don’t know Jesus Christ. if you don’t value Jesus Christ and what he went through to make your soul rich you saw is devoid of his light. Money comes money goes earthly comforts com earthly comforts ago the apostle Paul was never comfortable but he was comforted in Jesus Christ you ignorant American christians think its about about being comfortable rather than convicted!

    Jesus Christ suffering with crucified the apostle’s 11 of them were martyrs you need to read Hebrews chapter 11 and how people of God were constantly hunted down and treated like garbage being a Christian isn’t something about being earthy comfortable being a real question is being godly and godliness is not a means to gain read the word of God about suffering and hardships

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Who are you? God is against these fat cat hucksters using God’s word in the erroneous way leading people to justify their greedy hearts

  • NinjaMountie

    Only judgemental people believe you can’t be saved and rich. Jesus had Plenty to say about people like that.
    Only people new to the Lord think the OT is invalidated by the NT.
    Only ignorant people attack people who disagree with them.
    Only foolish people think wealth absolves them of suffering.
    Some of the Disciples were wealthy. More than a few Apostles as well.
    There was also a very close follower, and prominent person in the NT, that was extremely wealthy.
    I think you need to attack people less and study your scripture more.

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