Where Are The Female Directors?

A couple of years ago Natalie Wilson and S.O.P came out with an album entitled Girl Director. At the time I thought we would start to see a number of female artists leading choirs and ensembles. Boy, I was completely wrong with that one. Lately, this question is in my mind. Where are the female directors?

I know that there are many female directors who do great work serving in their local churches. Why haven’t we seen more female directors moving to the professional side of the industry and releasing albums?

Is there some type of double standard? Are record labels afraid to sign female directors?

I think we expect female artists to be outstanding singers. When they are not we tend to de-value their overall talents and gifts. We do not have these same standards for men. I love their ministries, but if Kirk Franklin, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker and Ricky Dillard were women, I don’t think industry professionals and consumers would openly accept them, like they do now. 

Am I completely off base on this? What do you think is the reason why we don’t see more women leading choirs and ensembles?

In case you forgot what the “Girl Director” looked like, he is a clip of Natalie Wilson and S.O.P.

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