Why Street Preachers Make Me Sick

streetpreacherI must admit that I don’t fully understand the calling of a street preacher. I’m referring to those people who stand on the corner and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I understand that it is a form of evangelism. They are trying to draw souls towards Christ. Nonetheless, there are a large number of street preachers that just flat out make me sick.

There are some people who have a great heart and they go out into the streets and convey God’s message with love and compassion. These are not the people that I am talking about. I have a great deal of respect for all of the people who go out and minister in this way.

I am referring to the people who go to college campuses and stand on street corners around the world to preach hate. They say that they are Christians. They tell people that God wants them to change their lives. They tell gays, lesbians, fornicators, alcoholics and drug addicts that God hates them and that is just not true. They even use derogatory terms when referring to these people and Jesus would NEVER do that. The truth is, God may not be happy with a person’s actions, but his love for EVERYONE is never ending.

What makes me sad is that for many people, street preachers represent Christians and Christianity. People already have misconceived notions about Christians and now some street preachers help feed into that stereotype. In an effort to win souls, they end up turning people away.

I have even witnessed good hearted Christians approach some street preachers and try to explain to them that there is a better way to reach people. Unfortunately, their good intentioned efforts fall on deaf ears.

If you notice, the majority of the crowds that surround these types of street preachers consist of two types of people. First, there are the people who are against Christianity. The fact that a particular street preacher is using the “God hates” method of evangelism only fuels their dislike for God and Christianity. The second group consists of other misinformed believers. They are not affiliated with the street preacher, but they completely agree with how the message is being delivered. When people try to refute what the street preacher is saying, these believers will come to his/her defense.

We should all pray for street preachers. I believe that in their heart, they truly love the Lord. I believe that they truly want to see others saved. Unfortunately, I don’t think they genuinely understand the heart of God. If they did, they would alter their methods of evangelism. If they knew the true heart of God, they would know what to say and how to say it. I don’t know about you, but I would not be in a hurry to follow a God that hates me.

God’s love is powerful! It has the ability to transform any person or situation. As believers we should focus our energy on telling the world about the love of God.

What is your opinion about street preachers?

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  • http://the-sanctified-christian.blogspot.com/ meandanitoo

    I don’t know that I would say that the love of Jesus is “never ending” as the bible does not support such a statement. Christ died for sinners and He will receive all who will come to Him by faith. However, those that reject Him are not the object of His love as they choose to continue in enmity against Him.

    As far as Reuben Israel is concerned, the bible speaks of false prophets – those who are deceived and are also deceivers. Reuben Israel is one of them and he does have a purpose. And that purpose is to incite hatred and enmity against true Christians. (Read revelation and you will see that the beast will make war with the saints of God…we are fast approaching these times here in America…yes, the Jesuits have a plan and that plan involves hatred and a full scale attack against the Lord Jesus Christ and His anointed) If you look at these things in light of God’s holy word (and by this I mean the AKJV 1611 and nothing else) this is easily discerned. Go to his website: http://www.officialstreetpreachers.com/. There you will see multiple posts that appear to be videos – but if you play them, the video consists of photos in slideshow format only, accompanied by isolated scriptures and eerie music. You will not find one single video that shows this man preaching to a crowd with his hateful signage. Not one. He also has video of himself and a few of his followers with muslims where he deliberately taunts and provokes them. He has video’s on youtube where he “interviews” people supposedly off the street. But if you listen closely (again, you must know and understand the word of God) to the questions that Reuben asks, you will be able to see that he has no knowledge of doctrine – and this is a man who claims to have been a Christian for more than 25 years. There is also a post here with scripture references that show that this man is a false prophet there is a post here: http://the-sanctified-christian.blogspot.com/2016/10/beware-of-false-prophets.html. If you are a true Christian you must read, study and obey the bible. The word of God is the only thing that will keep His true Saints from the worldwide deception that has flooded the world.

  • Jeff Hildebrand

    There is no power in this. No one is getting saved.

  • Fernando Leon

    I have one question for you, Mr. Lyman…do you get tax exempt status for your ministry?

  • Fernando Leon

    I would NOT be surprised if any of them are Donald Trump supporters.

  • Heshimu Kululekile

    And the miracles are phony, not from God.

  • Michael Leisure

    I Am TERRIFIED By These “God Hates Sin” Young Nuvau Street Preachers! They Terrify Me! I Do Not Think “For One Minute” That MASTURBATION Will Send You Into?The Lake Of Fire! At Least I Hope Not!

  • Michael Leisure

    God Bless You All! <3 😉

  • Bob Massager

    What would you folks say about Adam lacroix ?

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