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Like many other people, the first time I created a Twitter account and logged in, I didn’t get it. Twitter gives me the ability to tell people what I am doing. So what? I could do that by updating my status on facebook and all of my friends were on facebook and they weren’t on Twitter.

Looking back, I realize how completely ignorant I was back then. Twitter has a value that is completely different from facebook, MySpace or any other social network.

If you use social networks for the sole purpose of connecting with friends both past and present, then Twitter is probably not for you. I would dare even say that you shouldn’t even bother with Twitter at all.

The way I see it, Twitter is absolutely great for two main reasons:

1. You have a message or multiple messages that you want to get out to a large number of people quickly and/or on a consistent basis.

If you have anything to promote (events, church, ministry, website, etc) and you are not on Twitter, then you are greatly missing out. There are some people on Twitter who have thousands of followers. Imagine getting your message out instantly to thousands of people for free! Very powerful!

2. You are interested in a certain industry and you want to connect with other people who are already in that industry.

Since this is a blog about Christianity, I’ll use the Christian industry as an example. No matter what you are interested in (preaching, singing, music producing, prophecy, community service, media) there are established and well know people in those areas on Twitter. For the most part, they operate their own Twitter counts, which is the total opposite from what you see on MySpace and facebook.

Often times, we place ministers and music artists on pedestals and treat them as if they are superhuman or above the average person. (I’ll refer to them as Christian celebrities for the sake of argument) (I know, I know, in Christianity the only celebrity should be Jesus Christ)Twitter will give you a dose of reality. You’ll quickly find out that many these “Christian celebrities” are like everyone else. They misspell words and use slang. They have joys, frustrations and those “clueless” moments just like everybody else. Some of them may even annoy you every now and then by posting 20 updates in 30 seconds.

The flip side is that a number of “Christian celebrities” post some good stuff on their Twitter accounts. Some pastors will post inspirational and encouraging content. Musicians will let you know when an where they will be ministering. Bloggers and other media personalities hold contests exclusively for their Twitter followers. I used “Christian celebrities” as an example, but the same principles can be applied to any industry.

One of the unique things about Twitter is that the relationships are not automatically reciprocal. If you “friend” someone on facebook or MySpace they get to see all of your information and you get to see their information too. With Twittter, people can follow you, but you don’t have to follow them. Translation, people can see your updates, but you do not need to see theirs. You can also lock you updates and only allow the people you select to see them.

Twitter is also low maintenance. No pictures of people’s kids. No applications. No quizzes about what bible verse somebody is. Twitter is about what you are doing now, plain and simple.

Have I sold you on Twitter yet? Do yourself a favor, if you have a message or are interested in a particular industry or industries, join Twitter. To get you started, you can find a list of gospel artists to follow on GospelPundit.com. While you are on Twitter, please don’t forget to follow me!

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