Why your church’s music ministry needs to be in sync with the pastor

One of the interesting things about scripture is that many of us interpret it differently. I see that play out in music ministry all of the time.

I have found that there are certain Gospel and Christian songs that some pastors just aren’t fond of. It is not because they don’t like the rhythm of the song, it is because they don’t completely agree with the theology of the song. In some cases there may just be one or two words that they have issue with.

A perfect example of this is Donnie McClurkin’s We Fall Down. Millions of people around the world have been blessed by this song. However, there were a number of pastors that preached against this song and its theology.

So, what do you do if the pastor has issues (whether they be big or small) with the theology of your favorite song? If you are a worship leader or choir director should you remove that song from your repertoire?

I firmly believe that if your pastor has issues with the theology of a song that your choir or worship team sings, then you should stop singing that song immediately. The best thing you can do is to sit down with your pastor and have a conversation about the song. If you feel that there is biblical support for the song, then I strongly suggest that you present your case in a respectful manner.

This may be difficult for many of you to grasp, but you shouldn’t sing the song again until you have your pastor’s permission. You may feel that your position is 100% accurate. I still believe that the pastor should have the final say in this matter. It is very possible that the whole situation can be resolved by changing one or two lyrics.

Here is why I think you should do this. When it comes to ministering to a congregation, the ministry of the word and the music ministry need to put up a united front. If the music ministry contradicts the ministry of the word, then there is a huge problem. You never want to be in a place where you are giving the congregation mixed messages. More importantly, you never want to be in a place where you are contradicting the pastor publicly.

If you believe that your pastor is God’s chosen leader for your congregation, then he/she deserves better treatment. In the end, when it comes to spiritual matters, the pastor has the final say in what gets presented to the congregation.

What do you think? Have you even encountered a situation like this?

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  • Kathy Finley

    If the pastor is the spiritual leader he should be under the Headship of Christ, it is Christ who has the final say, I suppose under the rules and guidelines the congregation has put together to follow as the body of Christ. No one person, even the pastor, has the right to usurp His authority whether Christ be speaking through the pastor or the lowliest person who just found his or her way to the church. For the sake of order in the church some human person needs to exercise authority of the proper kind and degree. If the pastor is not doing a good job or is one someone does not agree with, that person should approach the leadership and voice their grievances. The body of Christ is universal, but one's fellowship should be guided by no one other than the Holy Spirit of God.

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