Y’Anna Crawley wins BET’s Sunday Best

yannacrawleyI just got finished watching the Sunday Best finale and I am not surprised at all. My choice to win was Jessica. I’d like to send out a big congratulations to Y’Anna Crawley. She performed wonderfully throughout the entire competition.

I must say that the finale left me scratching my head a little bit. The two contestants sang a duet to New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain” that was arranged by Donald Lawrence. The arrangement/performance was nice, but it wasn’t gospel. Somebody please tell me why this song was part of the show. For Sunday Best to be a gospel show, there have been quite a few R&B performances this season.

Gospel music gets such little air time, I just don’t understand why the producers would use the little air time that gospel gets and have an R&B song performed. Just because Donald Lawrence arranges a song, that doesn’t make it gospel. Call me crazy, but I tune into a gospel music show to listen to gospel music. If I want to listen to R&B, I know where to find it.

Let me make one additional point about the duet. Just because two people can each sing well, that doesn’t mean that they should be doing a duet together. I’m sure you’ve seen a duet where it looks like the two singers are about to try to see which one can out sing the other. If you watched the show, there was a point in the song where Y’Anna start riffing and running and Jessica didn’t want any part of that. I can’t blame her at all. Their styles are too different. A Karen Clark-Sheard and Y’Anna Crawley duet would be a good idea. A Kiki Sheard and Y’Anna Crawley duet would be a good idea. A Jessica Reedy and Y’Anna Crawley duet is not such a good idea, especially when the song is “Can You Stand the Rain.”

The two contestants each gave good individual performances. Watching Jessica Reedy live must be a completely different experience than watching her on TV. She sang “I Surrender All”. The performance left BeBe Winans almost in tears and it left Erica Campbell speechless. Although I thought her performance was good, I didn’t have anywhere near the same emotional response that they did.

We also got to see the beginning of the BeBe and CeCe Winans reunion. There is a lot I can say about that, so I’ll save my comments for another post that is coming soon.

When people think of the words Sunday Best they think of someone who can walk in your church and sing the roof off. That is one of the big reasons why America voted in favor of Y’Anna Crawley. If the name of the show would have been America’s Next Gospel Star Jessica Reedy probably would have stood a better chance. I’m not completely sure why, but there are a lot of people already saying that they will not be watching season 3 of Sunday Best.

There is no dobut that Y’Anna Crawley is a derserving winner. She finished the show with her new single “The Promise” and it sounds pretty good. I’m not sure how much success Y’Anna and Jessica will have as gospel artists. I pray that they both achieve great success and do big things both in and outside of gospel.  I can’t wait to hear each of their albums when they come out.

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  • Mya Williams


  • Nakita Ross

    I was sooo happy that Crawley won, she was my choice when I first heard her. I believe that the top 3 all do have dinstinct voices in that their styles by no means are anything alike. I think they all have a place in Gospel. I think Y’anna had the full package though. Her voice, her look, and her stage presence is what got her.She was consistent from the beginning. I believe that she is annointed for a time in gospel music such as this. This is not to say that the others are not. But there could only be ONE SUNDAY’S BEST….and that she is. (YAY)

    Jessica Reedy’s performance for I surrender all…I totally agree with you on that one. I was lost as to how BeBe and Tina were brought to tears. The only thing that I could think of is BeBe’s father recen passing. Maybe it was one of his fav songs and/or maybe that song was sung at the funeral bringing back some overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Or it could have been the presence of God that they may have felt while actually there, that we didnt in TV Land. Bc when I saw BeBe cry, I was like ….Wow bc watching it..I didnt think it was that touching at all. But again, I guess I had to be there in order to feel what they felt bc it sure didnt excude through the screen. And by no means am I hating, bc Jessica Reedy’s voice is the bomb, I just didnt get why this particular performance made them so emotional, bc it was just that to me “a performance” But, I think it was probably also the words of that particular song that could cause for an overwhelming feeling of emotion bc of the Lord.

  • http://lamarperry.webs.com Lamar Perry

    I agree with the fact that “Can You Stand The Rain” is definitely not a gospel song. I definitely
    was looking a little crazy when I heard them announce the song. Along with, Crawley and Reedy have such different voices that would not be good for a duet. Crawley definitely took over song.

    I felt bad watching Y’anna struggle to sing “Encourage Yourself” because I know that if she wasn’t horse, that she would have tore the whole studio up.

    And I just knew that Y’anna would win. Not to dis Jessica Reedy but she barely showed me a gospel, solid strong voice.

    And the Judges only cried because Reedy had come a LONG way. Had Y’anna came off to a shaky start in the begging and blowed for her last performances, they cry for her too.

  • LaVenia Davis

    My pick was Latice Crawford. Jessica Reedy should have been eliminated a long time ago. They seriously deviated from gospel songs..you know…spreading the good news of JESUS! Little Latice tried though. At the end of the day for me, if I were buying one of their cd’s it would be Latice Crawford’s. (Actually, the Lord wasn’t in it when Sis. Carolyn was eliminated). Latice did all the things right on sunday best but she was robbed. She ushered in the Spirit. Bebe favored Y’Anna, the sisters felt sorry for Jessica, but the people out here favored Latice. Had she not been eliminated she would have won. It’s not how loud but did you feel the presence of God? Oh well, I have my recordings to listen to Latice. God Bless!

  • http://thegospelblog.com Clifton Holmes

    Thank you everyone for sharing. I think one of the reasons Latice was removed from the show is because the judges often talked about she lacked confidence when she sang. I can’t say I agree with them 100%, but that is how they felt.

  • http://myspace nitaLoVe

    1st I will begin by saying congrats to Y’anna Crawley on her huge win both of the women were fantastic however as you stated people look for the greatest perfomance someone to tear the house down, there is no doubt that Jessica has a terrific voice however she drags songs and never wow’s the audience her very soultry voice I can assure will be he heard I pray that she stays in the gospel world because he voice is much needed change and not so traditional, with that also said she has the ability to cross over mainstream and sell millions and just as the men and women of God watched so was the world. Many of the contestants this season I would love to book in my establishment and have them all perform!!! HOLLA @ Me ATIN productions but back to the Can you stand the rain, we must be careful because in today’s day and age we sometimes as Christians confuse the world why was that the song of choice it had nothing to do with Jesus now must be different and we must lift up a standard ugh I was so disappointed and shocked I don’t know about that and if the argument is that it appeals to the youth I beg to differ I’m 22 and I thought it was awful as stated before if I wanted to here R&B i know where to find it

  • Cheryl

    The emotions felt was not because of how well Jessica song but because of the reports that had just come out about Bee Bee and his situation concerning his wife. That song only was a tool to remind Bee Bee know that God is in control of everything and let go….Erica was moved because she felt Bee Bee’s pain and that’s what family do…support one another. I felt it strongly also I think if I had not understood what he was facing I would have had the same reaction yourself and others.

    I also agree about the song of choice “Can you stand the Rain”. And I couldn’t understand the rain that fell when Kirk mentioned that song…this is why the world has lost hope…they see so many of our Christian brothers and sisters creeping into the back doors of familiarity. Don’t they know that Jesus paid the price and now we are free to walk through the front doors and proclaim our liberty through His Blood. It’s called the Christian Emancipation Proclamation…He has talents and creativity that has not been tapped into yet that’s why Jessica Reedy can bring it like she do…she’s in a caliber all by herself, I’m sorry but Y’anna there are thousands who sound just like her but have you ever heard it put out like Jessica….I haven’t. I’m praying for that young lady because there is so much the Lord wants to do through her.

  • Cheryl

    I want to make sure I say that Y’anna is a beautiful and gifted woman…I would never take that from her.

  • Tracii

    Personally, I was going for Jessica Reedy When I am on my way to work or wherever, I would most like to put in her CD in and listen. She has a sweet spirit that the body of Christ needs more of humbleness. When you are humbled God exhalts you!!! Now, Y’Anna Crawley can sing no doubt, BUT she screams a lot and maybe her new producers will help her along the way . I can say Erica Campbell (MARYMARY) was wanting her to win. I like Erica because she keeps it real BUT she was showing some favortism. It was obvious! MaryMary and Y’Anna styles sorta favor and so I expect to see them doing things together. They also look like they could be related.

    Jessica, simply put was humble and though young she has a great future in Gospel music she will get calls to do more sound tracks, and maybe even Broadway. Jessica’s style is sultry and she has a gift that is beautiful. She has come a long way!!

    One more thing I want to say is I did not like how over-zealous Y’Anna appeared when Host, Kirk Franklin allow them to get see the car… she kinda just TOOK the keys and jumped right in the front seat.. I thought that was a bold move and it shows her spirit of wanting to win. And after they announced her the winner.. it was a bitter sweet-moment. There was no confetti and overly loud cheers like in Season 1. Crystal Aiken was real. But I guess this was Y’Anna’s time so hey, I can’t be mad @ that. It was God divine plan hopefully and not that of others…

    Understand, we all had our personal choice and “supposedly” America chose Y’Anna. Besides she is from Maryland and they DO stick 2gether. I wish her much success BUT on the real.. I really wanted Jessica Reedy to win.. But you know, I lot of 2nd placed ppl on HIT shows like this have become stars in their own rite (Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Aaliyah, etc).. So hold ya head high Jessica – you were phenomenal and yes, your star has risen. Remain humble and fervent… God is still blessing you! I will be waiting your CD to drop and take care… I’d like to see Jessica, Gladys Knight, CeCe Winans and Dionne Warwick do something 2gether – they are true contraltos “altos” with flavor.

    Jessica Reedy first CD should be entitled, “I Surrender All”. And my favorite performance of the show was the Williams Brothers, “Still Here”… Jessica did a SWELL job!

    God bless and keep singing! Praying for you!

  • Kerani

    Yes, BeBe was sad during that performance by Jessica, I Surrender All… And also despite his martial issues @ the time, Pop Winans (his father) passed shortly thereafter! BeBe is a great person and he is a loving person. Also, his angel-of-a-sister, CeCe was there to ensure that he had it in him to perform. They prayed together before the performance as always! It goes to show that are very much human like us and they too have issues in this life. God bless the Winans FAMILY!

    Like soooo many, I wanted too Jessica to win… I will be buying her CD. Hopefully, JRecords (Clive Davis) will be picking her up! Gospel on JRecords, yeah!!! And maybe, just maybe Jessica will be the 1st Gospel artist on the label.

    And I love Kirk, he is such a great host – I love him because he goes and get his… by all means necessary… with God! God is love!

  • Taylor

    Jessica Reedy!!! She is our Sunday Best!

  • Kymbaleigh

    Point blank, LaTice could sing – but this was not her time. Y’Anna came and conquered. Jessica has an ASTOUNDING gift.. she makes you want to love God because she was so sincere.

    Latice can sing.
    Y’Anna has a strong boldness
    Jessica ushers in the Holy Spirit.

    It’ll be okay!

  • http://Tailorfitkingdom.com Kaye Bradley

    I was a little surprised by the reaction of the winner. Kirk seemed more excited than she was. Anyway, I think Y’anna is a great singer. I believe Jessica has an extraordinary voice. Something fresh and new in the industry. We will be hearing from her!

  • Durell

    Which dictionary says “Sunday” means “Gospel”? Am I missing something? Perhaps that’s why the title isn’t “Gospel’s Best” — so that they can sing what they what. How about “Inspirational’s Best” — does that work? As long as they keep their clothes on, and are not talking about sex and violence, it should be welcomed. Y’anna can sing, and that’s why she won. I was voting for Jessica also, but everything is done in God’s time, not ours. Your first paragraph is all you needed.

  • Durell

    I beginning to question whether this is a “gospel” blog!

  • http://thegospelblog mrs taylor

    frist of all congrast to yanna for winning. to be truthful jessica or latrica could not sing to me every week jessica would do the same thing with her voice she could not hit those high notes at all so yall need to keep it real ant latrica poor baby she just could not sing to me.

  • Diana

    Fitting into the mold has a lot to do with who wins on Sunday Best. Like all other industries and organizations, success is largely determined by who you know and not what you know. Often the term ‘rigged’ is present in both productive and competitive ways. Now our emotions are torn and driven because season winners #1 and #2 have behind-the-scene connections. For instance, the anointing may be difficult to measure and may not be part of the criteria for winning. Many viewers are not concerned with the anointing of God and have their own personal preferences. Yet we must be aware of and alert to the ways that satan works, operates, and rules in situations like Sunday Best. Public voting may not matter or does it count at all. Sunday Best is not a perfect and ideal situation and ‘To err is human.’

  • DisappointedDemocrat

    I listened to the taped session of Sunday Best, and all I can say is, GOD has blessed you, baby girl! What a voice! I agree with Mary Mary, and BeBe, completely. I would love to meet your Grandma. She was a wonderful influence on you, and that anointing you have. I was swept up, as if Grandma was going to make an appearance. You are absolutely wonderful. Rev/Evang Lillian Williams, Phila., Pa.

  • Aimee

    I am beginning to agree with Durell. As children of God we have to be careful not to sound like the secular blogs (AOL). Congratulation to Y’Anna, Jessica and Latrice. As they each said, it was an honor and a blessing for each of them to be on the show. They all got great coverage and a national audience, plus they are saved. So there is no reason to feel bad for anyone, they were all winners. As Kirk said, this is an imperfect world so only one could walk away with that contract and car. God still got the glory out of the show.

  • http://gospelblog Tiffy

    Come on everybody…..you can say what you want to…how you want to say. ..and how you get others to agree…but Ms. Crawley won..this young lady can sing…she is annoited. Ms. Crawley does not have a coach to train her to do what she does. I am not being mean on any won..but Jessica she has to be trained to sing higher pitch songs…come on now…anybody can sing songs in a lower key and in a jazzy display. She was just not ready for the scene..and tell me this why…did they gave her all the not so excited songs to sing…if the tables was switched and Jessica had to sing Encourage Yourself or some of the other songs Latrice and Y’anna had to sing Jessica would have made a mess of it…so be careful,,,just b/c you can sing I’m still here in the shower like jessica…please stop drinking the HATER-AID! GOD BLESS AND RECOGNIZE

  • Debra

    I have one question. How can I get Y’anna Crawley’s new CD? Her song “The Promise” is so inspirational as well as prophetic. I need this song to play when I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, along with the word of God.

  • dee dee

    I know I am months late leaving a response, however, I wanted to comment on some of the comments above. I know Y’anna, and I am so proud of her, because she has been through the storm; survived many trials and tribulations and is a true testimony to what God can do when you just Let Go. With regard to the song “Can You Stand The Rain,” yes, it is considered mainstream, r&b, because that is how the song was presented on the radio. If you read the lyrics, the song can also be interpreted in a different way…”can you stand the rain…storms will come…i know I can count on you…” It reminds me of “He Is” by Heather Hadley. You can interpret her song in the same way. She can either be speaking of Man or God. It’s how YOU chose to intepret the song.

    No one blinked an eye when Yolanda Adams remade “I Believe I Can Fly,” written and sung by … “R.KELLY” of all people.

    I know that I can count on you
    When thats not possible
    Tell me, can you weather the storm
    cause I need somebody who will stand by me
    Through the good times and bad times
    She will always, always be right there
    Sunny days, everybody loves them
    Tell me
    Can you stand the rain
    Storms will come
    This we know for sure
    Can you stand the rain
    Love unconditional
    Im not asking this of you
    Weve got to make it last
    Ill do whatever needs to be done
    cause I need somebody who will stand by me
    Through the good times and bad times
    She will always, always be right there
    Can you stand the rain (4 times)
    No pressure, no pressure from me baby
    cause I want you
    And I need you
    And I love you
    Will you be there for me
    Can you stand the rain (6 times)

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