You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear

Now that you have been to church and have heard the word of God, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to just blindly believe everything the preacher said? I strongly suggest that you go over the scriptures for yourself and pray about what you heard. The truth is, there are a many Christians with very good intentions that misrepresent God all of the time.

These are not bad people. There are just occasions where some of the information they give is just a little inaccurate.

The way I see it, there are a couple of factors that cause this. People have a tendency to talk from their own experiences and use God as the cause for their situations when many times those situation are self-inflicted and not caused by God. People also have a tendency to take denominational doctrine and pass it off as the word of God.

It is important for us to know God and the word of God for ourselves. God wants us to have a direct connection to Him. That way we can know His heart and His desires. He doesn’t want our only impressions and knowledge of Him to be through the eyes and mouth of a preacher. Let me be clear. Ministers all over the world are giving strong teaching based on a solid biblical foundation. Just like God speaks to them, His desire is to speak to each one of us. Hearing God is not just for the priviledged few with a title on their name.

Now that the worship music has stopped, you’ve paid your offering and the preaching/teaching is over. I strongly suggest you take some time to search the scripture and pray over everything you heard. As a result, you will strengthen your relationship with God and He will speak to you directly about every aspect of your life.

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